Black Widow confirms there is an outdated Iron Man villain in the MCU

In Marvel’s Black Widow, Yelena Belova makes a reference to the Crimson Dynamo, seemingly confirming their existence in the Russia of the MCU.

Warning: this publication contains Black widow spoilers.

At Marvel’s Black widow, a reference is made to an ancient Iron Man villain who apparently confirms his existence in the MCU. As Natasha Romanoff and Yelena Belova reunited with their “parents” in the film, the reunion got off to a rocky start, as they were actually all US undercover agents of General Dreykov and his Red Room. During this scene, Yelena references none other than Crimson Dynamo, a classic Tony Stark enemy in the comics that could very well appear in future MCU projects.

Given Yelena’s youth during her mission to the United States, Natasha and her false parents Alexei Shostakov and Melina Vostokoff were the only family she had ever had. As such, the idea that she was nothing more than a job for her “father” Alexei hit her hard. This led to heart-to-heart between Yelena and Alexei, where she made a nonchalant comment about him being the “Crimson Dynamo”. While he was actually the Red Guardian of the Soviets, Crimson Dynamo is an actual Marvel Comics character who has apparently now been confirmed for the MCU thanks to Yelena.

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The Crimson Dynamo’s first appearance was in 1963. Tales of Suspense # 46, created by Stan Lee and Don Heck to serve as Iron Man’s Russian rival. Also, the Crimson Dynamo is actually a suit similar to Tony Stark’s, and there have been many Soviet soldiers who wore the armor over the years through from the Crimson Dynamo program. However, the first to wear the suit was its inventor Anton Vanko, who should sound familiar to MCU fans. Anton Vanko was Howard Stark’s partner who betrayed him, and he was also the father of Ivan Vanko in the movies, the man who would later become the villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2. As a result, it is certainly possible that Vanko was the founder of Russia’s Crimson Dynamo program in the MCU.

Crimson dynamo

While there have been multiple men and women to pilot various versions of the Crimson Dynamo armor, the current pilot in the comics is Dmitri Bukharin. He is also a member of the Winter Guard, Russia’s super-team of heroes that also includes the Red Guardian and Ursa Major (who also appeared in Black widow with a short cameo). As a result, it’s very possible that the MCU could offer a remake of a character that hasn’t largely appeared in the comics until very recently. Maybe in the next Armor wars series coming to Disney + or joining an MCU version of the team.

All things considered, Crimson Dynamo would be quite an interesting addition to the MCU, especially if Marvel Studios has future plans for David Harbor’s Red Guardian. Not only that, Crimson Dynamo would absolutely be the perfect foe for Colonel James Rhodes’s War Machine in the future as well. In any case, it’s a pretty funny reference to a Iron Man villain anyway in marvel Black widowregardless of whether something comes from him or not.

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