A new feat in Call of Duty: Warzone allows players to enter the gulag queue early and kill enemies while invulnerable.

Still another Call of Duty: War Zone a flaw has emerged, this time impacting the gulag showdown. The flaw is actually an exploit, allowing players to interfere in gulag fights. This is just the latest example of frustration for War zone players, who have frequently expressed their disgust at the technical state of the game.

War zone is one of the most popular Battle Royales in games, but is perhaps best known for its glitch issues and the prevalence of hackers in the game. Hackers often use exploits to gain an advantage over other players. The fact that War zone is a cross-platform game that gives PC gamers an advantage over console gamers they face in this regard, as they could run exploit programs while playing games. Recently one War zone The player secured a victory just by shooting the ground. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case of cheating.

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The last War zone fails, displayed by Youtuber NTrippy (via GamesRadar) demonstrates how cheaters can take advantage of a new glitch to break into the War zone gulag early in the queue. But doing so will not only allow cheaters to enter the gulag faster, it will also grant them invincibility. It seems that since the exploiting player is not supposed to be officially in the gulag, the opponent cannot attack him until his official turn in the queue is over. Unfortunately, cheaters using this exploit can kill the other players by hitting them (since they don’t appear to appear with weapons). NTrippy quickly clarifies that even executing moves won’t kill the cheater.

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Activision has already taken some active steps to curb abuse of this flaw, threatening to punish players who abuse the exploit and the channels that advertise it. Unfortunately, this is yet another test for gamers frustrated with the buggy and hacker-ridden status of War zone. Cheats have become so ubiquitous in the game that recently a lobby full of players watched and applauded a player who was able to beat a hacker. Of course, the exploit that NTrippy demonstrated is an exploit of a technical problem, of which there are many in War zone.

For now, it is a positive step that Activision appears to be taking some steps to curb the use of this exploit. The fact that it was so easy to discover, however, is part of the course of War zone. Streamers will often talk about using War zone cheats outright, even while streaming. Others have reduced their playing time due to the frustration of encountering these cheaters. For those gamers who are simply looking to enjoy a game or two without hackers, they will have to hope that Activision avoids exploits like this.

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Call of Duty: War Zone is available on PC, PS4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Fountain: NTrippy / Youtube, GamesRadar

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