Candyman: Tony Todd’s 10 Best Movie Roles, Ranked

The release date of the candy man 2021 is getting closer and fans will once again be able to see actor Tony Todd play the iconic serial killer Daniel Robitaille, aka Candyman, once again. Unsurprisingly, the details of the plot have been kept confidential, but what is clear is that the candy man 2021 is a revival of the original film and its three installments.

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Although Tonny Todd is known primarily for his role as Candyman, his catalog is huge. Having had her first movie role in 1986, she has appeared in more than 100 productions. While most of her roles have been impressive, there are a few that stand out among the numerous listed on her resume.

10 Hell Fest (2018)

A carnival barker makes an announcement in the theme park at Hell Fest

In one of Todd’s more recent films, visiting teens are the target of a mysterious serial killer inside a horror theme park. But Todd’s character is not the killer. He’s just the carnival thief, but he sure is creepy.

The movie ranks last among the best because Todd’s character is laid-back and doesn’t show much of his acting skills. However, his voice and appearance do the work for him. Every announcement you make is a hint of bad things to come. The entertainment value is also quite high, thanks to the strong performances of the younger characters.

9 The Raven (1994)

Grange informs Top Dollar about the return of a man who had just been killed

The 90s were good years for Todd and in The Raven, plays Grange, the henchman of a gang leader named Top Dollar. In the film, a murdered musician is on a mission to avenge his own death after being resurrected.

The Raven has a creative take on the fairly common theme of revenge used in action movies. Todd’s screen time is limited, but he still stands out as the most intimidating of the baddies in the movie. Interestingly, actor Brandon Lee died after being accidentally shot during the final days of filming, and it’s one of the Hollywood behind-the-scenes stories that deserves its own movie.

8 Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Ben protects a friend from zombies in Night Of The Living Dead

Tonny Todd’s performance in the remake of George A. Romero’s 1968 horror film of the same name helped him land the role of Candyman in the future. The film revolves around a group of people forced to barricade themselves on a Pennsylvania farm after being attacked by a group of zombies. Todd plays the lead, Ben.

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While he’s been typecast as a villain in recent years, Todd’s character is innocent in this movie, and he’s filled with fear, confusion, and frustration as he struggles to save his own life. Every other member of the cast also delivers solid performances, and the movie has an unexpected twist, making its limited budget seem like a problem.

7 Man from Earth (2007)

Anthropologist Dan arrives at Oldman's house for his going away party

The man of the EarthThe script took 38 years to complete.Jerome Bixby started it in 1960 and finished it in 1998, just before he died. The plot of the film centers on a university professor named John Oldman, who claims to have lived more than 14,000 years. Todd plays one of John’s friends, an anthropologist named Dan.

The sci-fi movie’s appeal comes from its well-grounded plot. There’s not much movement, just dialogue, and most of the proceedings take place inside the Oldman house. Since Todd plays an intellectual, the role shows one of his acting skills that has always been ignored: the ability to generate great dialogue.

6 Hatchet (2006)

Reverend Zombie Takes Tourists To Hatchet Swamp

As for slasher movies, Axe is approaching the territory of the masterpiece. In it, Crowley, one of the horror movie villains with the highest number of deaths, chases a group of tourists in a New Orleans swamp. Todd plays a suspicious tour guide named Reverend Zombie.

Even by the standards of horror, Axe it touches the line excessively when it comes to the amount of blood that is spilled. It also has elegant dialogue, a captivating score, and believable special effects. Todd keeps it casual in his role, but he doesn’t disappoint either. That the movie spawned three sequels and a comic book series is also proof of its success.

5 Frankenstein (2015)

Eddie adopts Adam after he killed his parents in Frankeinstein

Frankenstein It is easily one of the best film adaptations based on classic novels. In it, two scientists try to create a handsome young man, but the experiment goes awry. Adam, the created monster, is enraged. Todd is Eddie, a homeless man who decides to take care of Adam.

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There have been many movies about Frankenstein, but this one ranks among the best, thanks to its sharp narrative and its fidelity to Mary Shelley’s original novel.. The violence is pretty extreme, but most fans expect it for the genre. Critics love it too, and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has an impressive 100 percent score.

4 Final Destination (2000)

The first installment of the franchise is about the death that haunts teenagers who were destined to die in a plane crash. Todd plays a funeral home owner named William Bludworth, who has a deep understanding of death.

Todd fits perfectly here in another horror role. The fact that his character Bludworth is neither the protagonist nor the antagonist makes his role interesting. Instead, it is a link between the teenagers (the protagonists) and Death (the antagonist) and his intimidating baritone voice also adds to the haunting nature of the film.

3 The Rock (1996)

Captain Darrow Monitors Captured Hostages on Alcatraz at The Rock

The rock It ranks on top of the best Michael Bay movies, according to IMDb. It revolves around a special team sent to Alcatraz to stop a rebel group of the US Force Reconnaissance Marines holding tourists hostage. Todd plays the secondary antagonist, Captain Darrow, in the film.

The movie found Todd at the peak of his career, where he was constantly being offered baddie roles. Unlike her supporting roles where her screen time tends to be limited, her character was more influential in the proceedings here. The rockThe star-studded cast also made it a standout film, as it also starred Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage.

two Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

The plot of the second film in the franchise is about transforming alien creatures known as the Decepticons who attempt to destroy the Sun, thereby killing all life on Earth. Todd voices the former leader of the Decepticons known as Megatronus Prime, also known as The Fallen. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen marks the second team between Todd and director Michael Bay.

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The role is high on Todd’s resume because of his successful look. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen It is the highest grossing film he has ever starred in ($ 836.3 million). It’s also a unique role because Todd manages to be a compelling villain despite only lending his voice and not his terrifying appearance that has served him so well while playing the bad guys.

1 The Candy Man (1992)

Candyman approaches a victim.

Adapted from the short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker, the candy man revolves around a mythical serial killer who appears every time someone says his name five times. The film’s cult status remains strong, nearly three decades after its release.

Aside from being the movie that made him a top name in Hollywood, Candyman is Todd’s best work because it goes beyond the normal scares. The film also addresses racial injustices in Chicago, as well as class inequality. It is also unique in that the antagonist relies on a grappling hook to murder people, rather than normal weapons.

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