Carnage has a huge advantage over the new poison

Carnage is one of the most insane assassins in the Marvel Universe and now he has returned with an absolutely devastating advantage over Venom.

Spoilers for Extreme Carnage Alpha go ahead!

There is a new one Poison in the Marvel Universe, but in Extreme Carnage Alpha, readers learn that Carnage may have a huge advantage over Venom. The first of an eight-part event that will help define Venom and the symbiotes, new roles in the Marvel Universe, and begins with perhaps the most twisted symbiote of all: Carnage.

Carnage is Cletus Kassady, a serial killer who was once Eddie Brock’s cellmate; While there, he became infected with the symbiote and became Carnage, one of the most vicious assassins in the Marvel Universe. Carnage has opened multiple avenues of destruction and murder until he was apparently killed by the Sentry in the first New avengers narrative arc. He would come back from the dead, and after sitting down for the last year, and most of the King in black, Carnage is back deadlier than ever.

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Now in Extreme Carnage Alpha By Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Marc Deering, Roberto Poggi, Guru eFX, and Travis Lanham, readers see Carnage’s progression as he moves through the ecosystem: first taking possession of a fish before moving on to a shark . The upgraded Carnage shark then attacks a human on shore, infects him, and then sends him to a militia headquarters. The scene then moves to the United States, where a xenophobic senator named Crane is running for president on a symbiote-free platform. He sends one of his assistants to pick up Doctor Miller, who is revealed to be Carnage in disguise. Kill the helper and begin a mental assault on Agent Venom. Finally, Doctor Miller / Carnage has made it to Washington DC, where he is ready to infect Crane and take the presidency for himself.

Extreme carnage

The idea of ​​Carnage as president is terrifying in itself, but perhaps even more horrifying are the fantastic new abilities that Carnage has acquired. Part of the reason Carnage is so powerful is because of the bond he shares with Cletus Kassady; Agent Venom comments that the bond between Carnage and Kassady is the strongest. This has allowed the two to practically merge into one being, capable of feats Venom is not. The new Carnage is capable of possessing anyone or anything, from a tiny fish to a Presdiential candidate; Carnage doesn’t have to worry about maintaining mass like Venom does, which gives Carnage a huge advantage. Can Agent Venom stop Carnage from taking over America? What role do Eddie and Dylan Brock play in all of this?

The new Venom is awesome, but the newcomer Butcher shop has a great advantage over Poison and readers can see it at Extreme Carnage Alpha.

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