Crime Syndicate proves Green Lantern is Flash’s worst nightmare

Flash and Green Lantern are best friends in the DC Universe, but on Earth-3 they fight, and Green Lantern is Flash’s worst nightmare.

Spoilers for Crime Syndicate 5 go ahead!

Green Lantern has the potential to be the Flash’s worst nightmare, and in the last issue of Crime syndicate readers see how; In the dark alternate world of Earth-3, his Green Lantern and Flash versions battle it out, proving why the Scarlet Speedster is no match for a Green Lantern ring.

In the DC Multiverse, the Crime Syndicate calls Earth-3 home. In this world, history turned upside down and the majority of its metahuman population are criminals, with the Crime Syndicate being its main team. Comprised of dark versions of the Justice League, such as Ultraman, Emerald Knight (Green Lantern), and Johnny Quick (The Flash), the Crime Syndicate recently teamed up to push back an invasion of Starro. Not everyone is sure of this new team, Emerald Knight among them. He is recruited by Lex Luthor (perhaps the only truly good person on Earth-3) for his Legion of Justice; The team is dispatched to bring in Johnny Quick and Atomica (the atom) and when the mission is compromised, readers see how a Green Lantern could defeat the Flash.

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On Crime Syndicate # 5 By Andy Schmidt, Kieran McKewon, Dexter Vines, Steve Oliff, and Rob Leigh, Legion Power Tower’s rampage alerts Johnny Quick to the presence of the Legion of Justice, leading Johhny and Atomica to nearly take over. lead. Atomica is launched through the heart of Savana, a member of the Legion, killing her. Emerald Knight creates a cage of green light around Quick, who then tries to vibrate through it. Quick’s sudden movement causes the Emerald Knight to react, tightening the cage bonds and brutally killing Quick. The rest of the Legion, already horribly shocked by the fight, is horrified by Emerald Knight’s actions.

Emerald Knight, Johnny Quick

The Flash’s super speed powers make him extremely difficult to beat; he can react faster than anyone else and can dismantle defenses before the opponent realizes what happened. Assuming he had the right time and resources, Batman could potentially stop Flash, but otherwise no hero can truly stop Flash except Green Lantern. Much of the Flash’s power is derived from movement, so anything that can stop him or keep him still will put him at a disadvantage – in this case, an energy barrier. It is the same principle that Captain Cold uses when fighting the Flash: create a barrier, something that he cannot penetrate. Unfortunately, Captain Cold’s technology has obvious weaknesses that a Green Lantern ring does not have, making him the ideal anti-Flash weapon.

On the main line of the DC Universe, Flash Y Green Lantern are best friends, which makes the chance of a fight slim to none, but on Earth-3, the Crime syndicate shows why the ring bearer is Scarlet Speedster’s worst nightmare.

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