Cyclops’ new perspective makes him reject the classic X-Men motto

Scott Summers has never been the happiest mutant, but Cyclops’ fresh outlook sets a very hopeful tone for Krakoa’s new Uncanny X-Men team.

Warning: Spoilers for X-Men # 1

Scott Summer hasn’t always been the happiest mutant of the bunch, but Cyclops has a new perspective on life, and faces a famous X Men motto. Scott has gone through many phases in his time with the team, from stoic to anxious and surly. But Cyclops has rarely been so hopeful, and that has a lot to do with where the X-Men are as a people in X-Men # 1 by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz.

More than once, the X-Men have welcomed their newest members with a phrase: “Welcome to the X-Men, I hope you survive the experience!The phrase began with none other than Kitty Pryde and has continued more or less to this day. But now that things are finally looking up for the X-Men, and their survival is much more guaranteed thanks to Krakoa, Cyclops’ new attitude doesn’t seem to reflect the classic X-Men saying.

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This debut issue also includes the first appearance of X-Men’s newest Manhattan base: The Treehouse. The treehouse, grown with Krakoan flowers in the heart of New York City, has everything the X-Men will need and, according to Scott, some things he hopes they don’t. As Cyclops shows his old friend and new teammate Polaris his botanical base, he takes her to the medical bay, which he describes as “I hope I used the least.“The bay has the required medical components, but Scott points out that if things get really bad, they can always use the Krakoan Gates to get to the Healing Gardens at their home on the island. Polaris replies that if things get worse, Krakoa’s resurrection protocols are always an option, to which Scott replies “I sure hope not. “This hope in the face of danger, to the point where he doesn’t expect his team to need its own infirmary, shows a great growth of Cyclops and paints the famous X-Men.”I hope you survive”Line in a new light.

While the classic X-Men welcome has typically been said wryly, there has always been a tone of truth to the saying. The X-Men lead dangerous lives and, unfortunately, they aren’t always long. But Cyclops’ new behavior shows an underlying confidence in his team’s survival. As Polaris points out, if something too unwieldy for their medical bay should happen to the X-Men, they have almost unlimited resources to heal or even resurrect them.

Scott knows this, but is still confident that things won’t get bad enough for that to happen. Fresh outlook or not, Cyclops is too tactical to believe that his new team will face no challenge. Instead, it is clear that he expects a lot of opposition, but is confident that his team, with Krakoa behind them, is strong enough to handle anything that comes their way. If this debut number is any indication, that will certainly be the case. It has taken a long time, but Cyclops he finally knows that his friends will survive the experience. Now their enemies can only hope they survive the new X Men.

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