Doctor Strange may have broken Hulk’s heart

Doctor Strange’s new Defenders lineup may shed a different light on the final Immortal Hulk scene between the Hulk and his lover Betty Ross.

Warning! Spoilers for Immortal Hulk # 48 below!

Strange doctor may have broken the Immortal hulk heart in trying to gather members for the new Defenders. While the Sorcerer Supreme and the Green Goliath have served as members in the past, their recruitment of Betty Ross, Banner’s partner and current Red Harpy, may have interrupted a serious conversation between her and the Hulk. Although it seemed like he left as he had before, writer Al Ewing hints that Red Harpy’s appearance in the upcoming miniseries may reveal something entirely different.

In the Immortal hulk, Betty Ross has played a significant role in the series since she and Bruce Banner reunited months after their resurrection from her death in Second Civil War. Although this reunion ended with her accidental death, Betty’s history with the Hulk and gamma radiation caused the former Red She-Hulk to continue living as the Red Harpy. He occasionally assisted the Hulk in his battles, although his feelings for Bruce caused him to rarely be in his human form around him, easily transforming into his Harpy form on a whim. Over time, he met and witnessed how other personalities took control of the Hulk, including the charming but unpredictable Joe Fixit. While Samuel Sterns and One Below All have captured Bruce in the place below, Joe has taken control of the Hulk in hopes of gathering allies in a plan to rescue him. After a battle with the Avengers, it appears that Red Harpy and the Hulk are interested in rekindling their old romance.

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On Immortal Hulk # 48 by Al Ewing and Joe Bennet, things turn around when Joe reveals the truth about Bruce’s situation and how he left him there in the place below. Regardless of having told Joe some of her personal feelings, Betty becomes angry and the Red Harpy admonishes Bruce and all of his personalities for their selfishness. Joe doesn’t have much to say, as Betty accuses him and the others of always being in hiding, trapping her in a never-ending game of hide and seek. However, Joe surprises Betty by admitting that he loves her, that he always did, and that he was tired of letting her persona rules dictate his feelings when she motivated him to do better. Surprised but unconvinced, Betty sits on the edge of her hotel window and asks if he’s serious. Joe admits that spending more time thinking about other people has made him want to be a better person. But his questions about whether these things make him a good person in their eyes are left unanswered when the Hulk realizes that Betty is gone, having left without saying goodbye.

This would seem like Betty once again had had enough of Bruce and Hulk’s machinations, choosing to leave behind the cycle of death and destruction that had brought so much pain and horror into her life. But writer Al Ewing stated on the trouble letter page that while some of the supporting cast would be leaving as the book neared its conclusion, fans of the Red Harpy could look forward to her appearance in his book. Defenders series with Javier Rodríguez. ” And reading that issue after this one could shed a different light on the closing scenes of this issue.“Ewing writes, suggesting that Betty’s disappearance could have been because Doctor Strange used his magic to teleport her instead of her flying into the coop.

Betty and Bruce’s relationship has always seemed doomed, moments of happiness ruined by the reality of trauma and Bruce’s duality as the Helmet. Joe Fixit’s vulnerable admission to Betty leaves him hurt, burying his unrequited heartbreak with a determination to free Bruce from the place below. If Betty and Bruce really ever meet again, Strange doctor You may have some angry questions to answer about the timing of your recruiting process.

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