Every MCU supervillain (and superhero) TVA has defeated

On Loki Episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery”, Loki, Sylvie and Mobius find themselves trapped in the dump at the end of time, where all the supervillains and variant superheroes defeated by the Time Variance Authority have been dispatched when they were “pruned”. “Through the Easter eggs dotted across the Void landscape, Loki reveals that the threats to end the world as Thanos and Ronan the Accuser are just another tedious evening of presentation for TVA.

Although most TVA employees believe that “pruning” people and objects wipes them out of existence, what their weapons really do is move people and things to a place at the end of time. Once there, they are effectively removed from the sacred timeline and can no longer interrupt it. What’s more, a raging tempest called Alioth looms over the Void and reinforces the newcomers, killing people and reducing objects to withered ruins. However, since Lokis are good at escaping, the Void has a small population of Loki variants who mostly spend their time betraying each other and backstabbing.

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Loki isn’t the only big baddie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe who has ended up in the Void. As Loki L1130 realized when he found a garbage drawer full of Infinity Stones at TVA, the timeline surveillance organization might be the greatest power in the universe. And to prove it, here are all the remnants of the MCU’s greatest superheroes and supervillains that have been eliminated by TVA.


Thanos and Thanos Copter in Loki

Thanos was the general antagonist of the Infinity saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He distributed portions of his power to both Loki and Ronan the Accuser, which served to build the character as the most powerful supervillain in the MCU. This culminated in the ultimate suspense ending when Avengers: infinity war it concluded with Thanos assembling the Infinity Gauntlet, snapping his fingers, and wiping out half of all life in the universe, including superheroes.

The impact of Thanos’ attack on Earth would likely have been greatly reduced if he had flown a small yellow helicopter with his name on it, rather than his city-sized warship. And maybe that’s why TVA chose to prune a version of Thanos that flew the Thanos Copter, an extremely ridiculous-looking mode of transport from the comics. The Avengers had to use a combination of time travel, the six Infinity Stones, and various armies to finally defeat Thanos. For TVA, it was just a case of prodding the Mad Titan with a shiny stick.

Ronan the Accuser

Loki Ronan The Accuser Easter Egg

One of the most important features of the Void landscape is the ruins of the Dark Aster, the spaceship that belongs to Guardians of the Galaxy the villain Ronan the Accuser. A Kree fanatic intent on undoing the peace that had finally been established between his own people and the people of Xandar, Ronan was able to obtain the Power Stone and came close to destroying an entire planet with it. The tragedy was averted thanks to a timely dance challenge from Star-Lord, but it is possible that in another branching timeline, Ronan successfully wielded the Power Stone in a mighty all-universe conquest, or would have, if it would not have been pruned by the TVA. Of course, the TVA doesn’t just stop bad things from happening. It could also be the case that Ronan and the Dark Aster were pruned because the Kree warlord ate the wrong kind of cereal for breakfast one day.

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Red Skull

Loki Red Skull Easter Egg

Red Skull was the MCU’s first great enemy of Captain America, and is indirectly responsible for Steve Rogers spending 70 years frozen in the Arctic Ocean. After its appearance in Captain America the First Avenger, Red Skull was banished to Vormir by the Tesseract, where he lived a lonely existence as the guardian of the Soul Stone. Having been in contact with two Infinity Stones and played a pivotal role in the backstory of one of Earth’s most powerful heroes, there are plenty of ways Red Skull could mess up the sacred timeline, so it’s not surprising that this red-faced supervillain has been pruned by TVA at least once. As Loki L1130 and the other variants traverse the Void, they pass a crashed ship that is recognizable as Red Skull’s rocket plane. Perhaps there is a Red Skull variant still roaming around at the end of time, evading Alioth’s wrath. At least it’s a slightly less boring existence than camping on Vormir.

Giant yellow jacket

Loki Yellowjacket Easter Egg

Darren Cross, aka Yellowjacket, was the villain of 2015 Ant Man. His suit featured shrink powers similar to Scott Lang’s, with the added bonus of “stingers” that could fire deadly lasers, but Scott later learned a trick Yellowjacket didn’t live long enough to try: grow to gigantic proportions instead of shrink. Apparently a version of Yellowjacket managed to turn into Giant Yellowjacket, but he couldn’t enjoy it for long, as a giant Yellowjacket helmet (possibly with a head still inside) is seen rotting in the Void landscape.

The Living Tribunal

The Living Court statue in Loki

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Void landscape is a semi-buried statue representing the head of the Living Tribunal. In Marvel Comics, the Living Tribunal is a powerful cosmic entity that maintains balance throughout the Multiverse. According to the Time Variance Authority’s orientation video, the Time Keepers removed all the timelines at war and created a unique and sacred timeline, which would presumably also remove the Multiverse. While the Time-Keepers may have turned out to be fake, someone created the TVA, and it’s possible that defeating the Living Tribunal was their first step in doing so.


Loki Throg's Easter Egg

Simultaneously, the funniest and most tragic Easter egg in Loki Episode 5 is a brief glimpse of a jar buried in the ground, with a cloaked frog desperately leaping toward the embedded Mjolnir just above. This unusual amphibian is a Throg, basically Thor, but a frog. His full backstory is actually that he was a man named Simon Walterson, who was turned into a frog by a witch and later transformed into a Throg after proving himself worthy of Thor’s power. Throg has his own diminutive version of Mjolnir, Frogjolnir, which was forged from a sliver of the original weapon, but apparently the Throg in the Void at the end of time has separated from his own hammer and cannot reach the larger version. . Poor Throg.

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Loki Thor Mjolnir

Since the Mjolnir buried in the ground above Throg is not Throg’s weapon, it was presumably left behind by a variant of Thor that was defeated by the TVA. As Classic Loki and the unfortunate crew of the USS Eldridge demonstrated, Alioth leaves inanimate objects intact (albeit damaged), but completely destroys the people he consumes. Thor may be more powerful than Loki, but he’s not that cunning, and he’s not the typo of a superhero running away from the prospect of a fight with a monstrous storm cloud. It is highly likely that Alioth ate the Thor variant wielded by this Mjolnir within minutes of his arrival.

Lokis (various)

Loki Episode 5 The Five Lokis

Earlier in the series, Mobius revealed that TVA has pruned more Lokis than almost any other variant. And due to Lokis’ slick nature, many of the variants that were pruned ended up surviving in the Void at the end of time and even installing some home comforts. Among the variants of Loki that have been pruned are the Boastful Loki (who claims he was pruned for assembling the six Infinity Stones), Kid Loki (who was pruned for killing Thor), Alligator Loki (who ate the neighbor’s cat wrong) and Classic Loki (who survived Thanos’ attack at the beginning of Avengers: infinity war and lived a long life of isolation, only being pruned when he decided to try to return home).

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Ragnarok’s Get Help scene reimagined with Alligator Loki and Frog Thor

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