Everything we know about the aliens from the Army of the Dead

What information is currently known about Zack Snyder’s mysterious aliens? Army of the dead? The zombie heist movie has gone in some decidedly unexpected directions from the typical zombie movie, from the inclusion of a smarter and faster tribe of undead known as the Alphas to the fan theory that the movie takes place in a time loop. Army of the dead It also links the origins of the zombie virus to another world, with aliens connected to the outbreak in some way.

At this time, not much is known about aliens from Army of the dead, where did they come from, what are they doing on Earth and what are their plans now that they are floating in our orbit. However, the movie makes several teases that the zombie outbreak that turns Las Vegas into an apocalyptic wasteland started with them somehow. Naturally, Zack Snyder himself has also poked fun at the film’s aliens, and they have kept viewers on their toes as they dissect the film.

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The public is likely to get clear answers about the connection between aliens and zombies from Army of the dead in the upcoming animated prequel series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Still, for the time being, the movie and Zack Snyder himself have left a trail of breadcrumbs for continued examination of how Army of the deadThe zombie plague began. This is what we currently know about aliens from Army of the dead.

Aliens are at stake somehow

Army of the Dead, UFO

At this point, it is definite that Army of the deadThe zombie outbreak has some kind of alien involvement. The film drops its first hint of this in its opening scene with two UFOs seen in the sky as the military convoy transports Zeus, with the UFOs drifting away as the trucks drifting away. Zeus, which originated from Area 51, also indicates alien involvement, with the secret military base having long played in alien-centric movies. These don’t reveal much about the role of aliens in the story, but they offer a good deal to go on.

Zeus from Area 51 points out that it is a product of government experimentation. How aliens are known to influence Army of the deadAs the story goes somehow, the possibilities are vast, from alien DNA and technology as culprits to genetic engineering to create human-alien hybrids. The role of aliens also becomes more curious when considering their connection to a particular set of the undead in the film.

Aliens could be connected to zombie robots

Dead Robot Zombie Army

One of the Army of the deadThe biggest unanswered question is on the origin of the movie’s zombie robots. The biggest reveal about them is a metal skull when a zombie’s face is destroyed by gunfire. In a Netflix question and answer session, Snyder teased that the zombie robots could also be connected to the mysterious aliens in some way, saying they could be. “otherworldly technology“.

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With Snyder also offering the possibility that zombie robots can be “monitors that the government has placed among the zombies“This could indicate that zombie robots may have been built in Area 51 with alien technology discovered by the United States government. Zombie robots are not the type of undead whose population is going to grow through bites. or the procreation that the Alphas (or at least Zeus and the Alpha Queen) seem to be capable of. Someone had to build the zombie robots and, according to Snyder’s taunts, it could be a combination of alien technology and a shady government experiment. .

The blue blood of the zombie is important

Another minor but crucial detail related to the origins of the Alphas resides in the translucent blue blood that they bleed when shot. While it is harder to spot at many points in the film, it is most prominently displayed when Zeus mourns his son’s death after the Alpha Queen was beheaded. Zeus holds the fetus in his hands, and the blue energy within the fetus is depleted as it dies. Since the Alphas are a more intelligent and advanced race of zombies, their blue blood is a great visual signifier that something is different about them, and here, Snyder has also revealed his ties to his extraterrestrial ties.

While promoting Army of the dead During Netflix’s Geeked, Snyder commented on blue blood. Snyder would say about this aspect of the movie “I think it has something more to do with his extraterrestrial origins.“, rather than linking them to the zombie robots. As for how this relates to the aliens themselves, there is another piece of the puzzle that gives a bit more context to how they enter the story.

Aliens may have been around for a long time

Door to the vault of the army of the dead

Weather Army of the deadThe story centers on the initial zombie plague that takes hold of Las Vegas, the team’s subsequent heist in the city, and the government’s nuclear attack. There seems to be a much longer story about the alien’s involvement. Snyder curiously ventured to argue Iron Manmysterious open capsule on the Kryptonian scout ship while discussing Army of the dead during Netflix’s Geeked. While that doesn’t say anything directly about how aliens are involved in the movie, the fact that it did could be a subtle hint that aliens have had a presence on Earth for much longer than just right before the outbreak of Las Vegas.


Snyder also gave more direct confirmation of this during an interview with the Non-Prophet podcast, stating that, within the context of the Armyverse, Area 51 includes “A mural that is like JFK shaking hands with an alien.“This would mean that aliens, and the United States government’s knowledge of them, dates back to at least the early 1960s, with their presence possibly well beyond that if Snyder’s invocation of Iron ManThe open capsule is an indication of anything. With Kennedy shaking hands with an alien visitor and the outbreak didn’t even happen until after Zeus’s creation and subsequent escape, this also paints the aliens themselves as a much more benign presence than the invaders. Seems Army of the dead It is another case of scientific arrogance that is the true undoing of man instead of colonizing aliens.

Army of the dead It has many layers to remove to get a complete picture of everything that precedes the rise of the zombies and the fall of Las Vegas in the movie. When it comes to the role of the aliens in the movie, the most concrete detail is that they are connected to the creation of the zombies in some way, with some smaller clues that paint a picture of how they play in everything. Army of the dead He can keep his aliens in the background, but with fans tracking everything that led to Zeus’s arrival as the first Alpha, all roads seem to lead alien visitors from Earth.

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