F9: 10 other movies that were influenced by the racing franchise

Nine movies on y The fast and the furious The franchise has shown no signs of hitting the brakes. While the series has received mixed reviews, in terms of the box office and its cultural impact, very few movie lines can compare to the auto racing classic. However, many try to emulate their success.

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While the latest installment could have played with the tropes of the genre, many of these long-awaited moments have been defined by the franchise itself. In fact, other film series and independent pieces have copied aspects of The fast and the furious to try and replicate some of the same accolades.

10 Honorable mention: Hobbs and Shaw (2019)

It would be criminal to overlook the first spin-off of the franchise, Hobbs and Shaw. Without the financial success of the previous films, this action blockbuster would never have seen the light of day. The influence of the main series is obvious, of course.

Hobbs and Shaw However, it packs its own flavor, even playing around with the superhero genre with some of the genetic modifications involved in the villain’s backstory. It still features the same incredible stunts from the main films, but combines with it a style of buddy comedy that you don’t see often.

9 Cars (2006-2017)

Lighting up McQueen and Mater walking away from an explosion

Pixar has produced a wide range of notable films, but the Cars The franchise is perhaps one of the most underrated. Created in large part by one of the studio’s founders, John Lasseter, his love for motor vehicles ran so deep who even gave him an award for his work in the genre.

Pixar is always influenced by the genre they are working on and The fast and the furious it certainly has its DNA in the motor franchise; especially Cars 2. The fast-paced spy sequel was clearly based on the Fast series with its exaggerated stunts. The film was criticized but Lasseter continues to defend the piece as a great work.

8 21 Jump Street (2012)

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill at 21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street It was a surprise revival for the almost forgotten police franchise. While the idea itself was heavily influenced by the original TV show, Salto Street He didn’t shy away from parodying the genre, both in terms of car movies and buddy crime thrillers.

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In a memorable car chase sequence, the protagonists are continually surprised that the vehicles chasing them do not explode as they have seen in movies like The fast and the furious. Curiously, 22 jump street pokes fun at long-running franchises like Fast parodying endless sequels in the credits. And what is more, The sequel was produced by Neal Mortiz, who also worked on Fast.

7 Need for speed (2014)

When a studio sees the success of a certain genre, it will often try to jump on the bandwagon and build a franchise of its own to deal with this. The fast and the furious has largely covered the racing market, but the established video game franchise Need for speed tried to become his contender.

With a recognizable name, stacked cast, and action-packed sequences, this should have been a hit. Critical overview meant Need for speed However, he did not go any further. The fast and the furious has even influenced the line of video games itself, althoughas it continues to set the bar for the genre.

6 Overdrive (2017)

The Heist Group Team Up In A Lineup At Overdrive

There are very few movies that are clearly so influenced by The fast and the furious What Overdrive. Starring big names like Scott Eastwood and Ana De Armas, the hyped car parts were enough to convince anyone Fast fan that some action beats were being stolen from the franchise.

In addition to this, the screenwriter for the film was Michael Brandt. Brandt’s credits include a variety of projects, including 2 Fast 2 Furious, from which he clearly relied in creating the overall narrative of Overdrive. It even featured a robbery and an excellent team of experts; a premise similar to what fans had seen before.

5 Mission: Impossible (1996-present)

Ethan Hunt chases Nyah using a Porsche 911

There are some franchises that are often compared to each other and Fast and Furious Y Mission Impossible are two of them. Usually contrasted due to their dangerous action stunts and long-running sequel series, there are many similarities between them.

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While one performs an incredible set-set that looks beautiful on screen, the other tries to finish it off with an even more outrageous sequence. The difference is, of course, that Tom Cruise seems to put himself much more in the danger line and the results on camera are therefore impressive.

4 Empire State (2013)

The Rock leads his police team with a gun in Empire State

Empire state watch The Rock in full force after its appearance on Fast Five. Clearly replicating part of his performance from his Fast Upon leaving, Dwayne Johnson plays a cop, facing off against Liam Hemsworth. The film plays on many of the same themes as the Fast Serie.

Another heist movie, it felt like an extension of the racing series. Fast cars, underground criminal gangs and a series of energetic and impressive sequences resulted in Empire state becoming easily comparable to the main movies. However, once again, a franchise never grew out of this small success.

3 Faster (2010)

Woman holds a gun with a yellow car behind her in faster

Another Dwayne Johnson production and one that came just before his big debut in The fast and the furious Movie (yes; this in many ways feels like his audition for the main franchise, even down to the costume he’s wearing. The influences are clear to see.

With the plot centering on Johnson trying to get revenge for a series of murders, there is a momentum in this piece that feels a lot like the one. Fast Movie (s. Of course, vehicles are involved, but the constant tension of the chase and the themes surrounding the families found are nods to the cinematic universe.

two Bad Boys for Life (2020)

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith from Bad Boys for Life

The Bad boys The series owes much to the success of the original production, but Bad boys for life He drew his influence from a number of different projects in order to create a proper revival of the franchise. The impact of movies, such as Mission Impossible, it is at the core of the piece.

As previously discussed, Bad boys for life stole ideas from a variety of movies, What The fast and the furious. The racing elements, cop friend drama, and once again the found families themes are all tropes to be found within this production.

1 Baby Driver (2017)

The opening car chase in Baby Driver

Edgar Wright has always been influenced by the movies around him. A student of the game, he has jumped from genre to genre and Baby driver it was an attempt to create a unique car movie. Wright should have looked The fast and the furious For his job.

Of course, the influence is a bit more complex. When Baby driver was released many called it the antidote to The fast and the furious. In many ways, the franchise influenced Wright in a way that moved away from the traditions of the genre that the series had established, to forge its own unique path.

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