In Fear Street Part 2, the body count goes up with the killer Nightwing, so let’s take a look at how the most tragic murder in the movie continues a sadistic trend.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fear Street Part 2: 1978, which is now streaming on Netflix.

On Fear Street Part 2: 1978, the body count goes up, and since the Camp Nightwing slasher isn’t bound by any rules, it’s far more brutal than the first chapter of the trilogy. Tommy (McCabe Slye) is possessed by the witch, Sarah Fier, and goes mad in the camp, killing both the counselors and the children. However, when looking at the most tragic murder in the film, it is alarming how this sequel continues a sadistic trend.

It happens in the final act when Alice, Cindy, and Ziggy meet up in the dining room. It’s been a bloodbath, but Cindy, Tommy’s girlfriend, finally seems to have left him in another section of the park. The girls are now using Nurse Lane’s diary, and from the map, they have discovered that her body is next to the Hanging Tree.

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Alice also found the missing piece, Sarah’s skeleton hand next to Satan’s Stone, so once they can put the hand back to the body, the curse will be broken. However, Cindy and Ziggy don’t want Alice to come because her foot is badly damaged. Alice insists, however, stating that this is all she has left. It will help her complete as she lost her boyfriend, Arnie, in Tommy’s first death and has only known pain her entire life. She has lost her family to suicide, has been abandoned by her parents, and always felt like she represented the stereotypes that people associate with Shadysiders. Therefore, for her, this is the final victory.

But since they agree, Tommy appears and hits Alice with the ax, killing her instantly. The Berman sisters end up fleeing to end the curse, but this reinforces how it is Fear Street The trilogy doesn’t give a damn about underprivileged teens and creates a truly desperate atmosphere. On Part 1, Simon and Kate were similarly gored to death, with equally tragic stories. They sold drugs after the family abandoned them as well, but clearly the homeless are not lucky enough to draw with Sarah’s demonic minions.

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The heartbreaking pleas don’t count at all, and what hurts Alice a lot is how she and Cindy reconnected earlier in the cave. Cindy admitted that she abandoned Alice to try to move up in class, while Alice confessed that all the sex, drugs, and bad girl behavior were to mask her own distress, removing the gothic bands to reveal suicide attempts on her wrists.

Simon, Josh and Kate in Fear Street: Part 1 - 1994

It broke Cindy, who hated herself for ratting out Alice when they were younger for stealing a JVC player, but Alice made it clear that all they had to do was save the city to fix things. Kate and Simon, who wanted to abandon Sam to die to break the curse, also changed their ways, going from selfish traffickers to aspiring heroes in 1994 to save the city. To them, this would make them whole and show the world that they meant something.

Yet it is these selfless people, the children that society forgot, who pay the price. However, the fact that all of these victims are from Shadyside further hints that Sunnyvale might have something to do with the witch’s blood spree.

Directed and co-written by Leigh Janiak, the Fear Street trilogy stars Sadie Sink, Kiana Madeira, Olivia Welch, Benjamin Flores Jr., Darrell Britt-Gibson, Ashley Zuckerman, Fred Hechinger, Julia Rehwald, Jeremy Ford, and Gillian Jacobs. Part 1: 1994 and Part 2: 1978 now air on Netflix, followed by Part 3: 1666 on July 16.

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