FIFA 22 reveals release date, game trailer, and cover star

FIFA 22 has been revealed and will use the new HyperMotion technology to deliver faster, smoother and more responsive gameplay and animations.

EA’s newest soccer simulator, FIFA 22, has been officially revealed, and it appears that the company is putting new technology to work for current-gen versions of the game, which will unlock great new potential for the soccer franchise. Although it is unlikely that FIFA 22 It will be a gigantic leap for the franchise, it still looks like EA is trying to use the new hardware to do a lot more with the series and continue to refine the game.

FIFA It has already been in the news quite a bit this year prior to this reveal. EA found itself in deep water after the publisher was alleged to be aggressively trying to lobby FIFA loot boxes on players. The company denied these allegations, but many still raise the question of whether the series is handling its monetization in a truly ethical way, regardless of how aggressively it is being pushed. However, this bad press has not stopped Fifa to return later this year in full force.

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FIFA 22 has been revealed by HER (via IGN) and while there’s no raw game in the initial trailer, more will likely show up on EA Play later this month. On Xbox Series X / S, PS5, and Google Stadia, the game will use EA’s new HyperMotion technology and proprietary machine learning for “offers the most realistic, fluid and responsive soccer experience. ” FIFA 22 It will launch on October 1, 2021 and will feature Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé as its cover athlete.

EA Sports appears to be gearing up for a major sports gaming comeback as it not only continues to try to refine its already well-known franchises, such as FIFA, but it expands with new ones. EA has been investing in a handful of developers to add new annualized sports franchises and even revive old ones. With F1, College soccerAnd a new baseball franchise on the way, EA has become one of the most valuable sports game publishers out there.

Yes or no FIFA 22 It remains to be seen what will radically revolutionize the franchise, but it seems that it will be another entry that will take small steps to improve the series. It’s unclear if the new animations provided by HyperMotion technology will actually make the game more responsive, but it’s still exciting for fans of the franchise who want the most immersive sports gaming experience they can get. EA has a wealth of valuable technology that you can leverage, as evidenced by stolen source code from FIFA 21, so it will likely be an eye-catching technical display on the new consoles. It is not clear if some of this technology will appear in other franchises or if it will be exclusive to FIFA 22But there is a chance that it could help inform these other upcoming sports games on a technical level.

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Fountain: HER (via IGN)

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