Flash Reveals The Justice League Unlimited Comics’ New Headquarters

As the DCAU continues in comics, the Flash has revealed the Justice League’s new headquarters replacing the iconic Watchtower which loomed over Earth.

Warning! Spoilers for Justice League Infinity # 1

As the DC Animated Universe continues in the medium of comics, the Flash have you revealed the Justice League’s new headquarters. No longer operating out of the Watchtower, the team has a greater presence on Earth than during their adventures in the animated series.

In recent years, fans of the DCAU have been rewarded with a variety of continuations, in the form of Batman: The Adventures Continue and Justice League vs. The Fatal Five among other stories. Since the time of Justice League Unlimited’s series finale episode “Destroyer,” changes to the team have been unveiled in Justice League Infinity # 1, written by JM DeMatteis and James Tucker with art by Ethen Beavers. While the League had previously kept surveillance on the planet from space, now they have eyes on the ground.

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Ace the Flash runs through the halls of the Metro Tower, located in Metropolis, fans have a first look at the Justice League’s latest headquarters. According to Justice League Infinity’s debut issue, this seems to be a replacement for the iconic Watchtower, which involved a teleportation device to get League members onboard. Although the Metro Tower had appeared before in the DCAU, the League never used it as their exclusive base of operations. The Tower was initially slated to replace the second rebuilt Watchtower, and for a time was used in conjunction with the satellite headquarters.

Resembling the Hall of Justice, the building is meant to homage the Super Friends’ nostalgic home while updating its look to fit the retro stylings of Metropolis. Many fans might not remember that the Metro Tower showed up in JLU’s final episode, along with the more recent Justice League vs The Fatal Five. The relocation of the League’s primary hangout could be for a number of reasons, although the most obvious theory relates to the team’s increased presence on Earth. The new spot could also be intended to include more room for additional recruits to the expansive team. In the first issue alone, it’s evident that the Justice League has grown since the last time that audiences saw them go off on their assigned missions.

Metro Tower is a more casual home to the heroes, even though it doesn’t make as much sense how individual members can get there conveniently. Besides Superman and the Flash, it sounds like an unnecessary hassle for Green Arrow or Batman to make the trek for team meetings, or surprise birthday parties as seen in this issue. It could soon evolve into a tourist-friendly destination like in its future depiction, featuring statues of the original Leaguers in the lobby. Overall, it seems like an unfortunate downgrade that leaves the Justice league in a somewhat compromised position as they no longer look down on the planet they’ve sworn to protect.

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