Gilmore Girls: 5 ways Lorelai is the most relatable character (& 5 ways Rory is)

While not everyone has Lorelai and Rory’s friendly father / son relationship in Gilmore girls, All fans can agree that they are some of the most relatable characters on television. Viewers love that they enjoy coffee, junk food, and pop culture, and they seem to be fun people.

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Fans have shared their favorite Rory and Lorelai scenes, and no matter what this beloved duo is up to, they want to join you on the journey. By examining their personality and behavior traits on the show, fans find it very easy to bond with Lorelai and Rory.

10 Lorelai: He doesn’t like to ask anyone for money

Lorelai drinking Luke's coffee at home on Gilmore Girls

Lorelai has trouble asking people for money when she really needs it, and she is very proud of it. Fans get a lot of frustration with Lorelai when she doesn’t want to ask her parents for money to repair termite damage in their house, or when she needs money for the Dragonfly Inn and Emily and Richard seem like perfect investors.

But even though it would make Lorelai’s life a lot easier to reach out to wealthier people when she needs a hand, this makes it easier to relate to her. Money is a difficult and uncomfortable subject and no one can blame Lorelai for wanting to appear strong and independent and as if she can handle any challenge that comes her way.

9 Rory: She gets embarrassed when she makes mistakes.

Rory sitting at her desk at the Gilmore Girls revival

Everybody hates making mistakes and leaving all the characters in Gilmore GirlsRory seems to dislike being wrong more. Fans don’t love how perfect Rory always wants to be, but she does feel a lot of shame, shame, and negative emotions when she gets into trouble.

This may not be the best way to go, but it is identifiable. In high school and early adulthood, it can be hard to admit when something went wrong as everyone wants to look older and they can handle any challenge.

8 Lorelai: Has trouble letting go of a past romance

Christopher and Lorelai looking at a new house on Gilmore Girls

There are many identifiable parts of Lorelai’s character, from her love of coffee to her joy around pop culture, and viewers can relate to how she feels about Rory’s father Christopher.

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Fans who have had a difficult breakup or are still thinking about that ex who ran away can identify with Lorelai here. It’s always tempting to look back on times happier than they really were or to think “what if?” While Lorelai knows that she and Christopher might not be meant to be, she is always caught up in the idea that maybe they can make things work, until she and Luke finally commit to each other at the end of the movie. season 7. Looking back, fans can see that Lorelai and Christopher are not meant to be,

7 Rory: She’s shy around new people

Rory reading under a tree - gilmore girls

Rory is an relatable character because she is shy when meeting new people and it takes her a while to get used to them. This is in direct contrast to Lorelai, who can speak to absolutely anyone.

Some fans have trouble with Rory’s story, but any Gilmore Girls Viewers who are nervous when in large groups, don’t know what to say when talking to new people, and are otherwise shy and quiet can relate to Rory a lot. It’s definitely refreshing to see a character who loves books and works hard and is not a social butterfly.

6 Lorelai: She feels uncomfortable in elegant and formal situations

Lorelai is very easy to identify because she has difficulty attending formal parties or being around people who want her to be formal and appropriate.

Whether you’re feeling like a fish out of water on parents’ night in Chilton or you want Friday night dinner to be more casual, Lorelai is always more comfortable in Luke’s cafeteria or at home watching a movie with fast food. If viewers were to attend some of Emily’s fancy parties, they would probably feel the same way as Lorelai, and they would also hate awkward small talk and snobbish people trying to outdo each other.

5 Rory: He doesn’t like confusing dating games.

Logan and Rory kiss at Gilmore Girls brunch

Fans can relate to Rory’s behavior in his love life, as he never puts on airs or pretends to be someone else when he’s dating. Rory knows that she wants to have a serious and long-lasting relationship and that is an important goal in her life, whether she is in high school or in college.

Dating is often a lot more confusing than it should be, and Rory has trouble dating casually when he starts attending Yale in season 4 of Gilmore Girls. When she and Logan start seeing each other, she realizes that she can’t casually date him and lets him know her limits and what she needs.

4 Lorelai: feels like the stranger in her family

Emily and Lorelai Shopping - Gilmore Girls

Not everyone has a tight-knit family that plans fun vacations every year or hosts a get-together every summer. Some are like Lorelai: they get along with some family members, but not all, and they often feel different from their parents or other family members.

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The fact that Lorelai has problems with Emily and Richard makes her very relatable. She knows that although she grew up in a rich world and her parents want to belong to a certain social circle, she is not comfortable with that and always wants to remember who she is.

3 Rory: Has a wanderlust, but hasn’t traveled much

Lorelai And Rory Come Back From Europe - Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Fans can relate to Rory as he takes every opportunity he can to travel, but in high school, he hasn’t left Stars Hollow that much.

Gradually, Rory begins to see more of the world, as she and Paris move to Washington for a summer, she and Lorelai backpacking through Europe after graduating from Chilton, and then she goes to Europe with Emily. This is realistic, since Rory comes from a small town and her mother doesn’t have a lot of extra money.

two Lorelai: use humor as a defense mechanism

Lorelai in a black shirt talking to Chris about Gilmore Girls

Lorelai is also an relatable character because she uses humor to deal with whatever is going on in her life and sometimes she makes jokes in self defense. Most likely, many Gilmore Girls viewers do the same, at least sometimes.

Lorelai is famous for her clever dialogue and seems to make funny comments anywhere and everywhere. This is a beloved part of her character, and while Lorelai might work more on feeling her emotions, many people are more comfortable making jokes than talking about something difficult.

1 Rory: leans on mom when she makes big changes in life

rory at chilton - gilmore girls

Everyone wants to look older as they exit high school life and go off to college or embark on whatever comes next. But it’s hard not wanting to ask a parent for advice or reach for that security blanket. Rory is easy to relate to as she leans on her mother every time she makes a big change in her life, whether she’s starting at Chilton’s scary new school or it’s time to head off to Yale.

Viewers would probably do the same in Rory’s position as Lorelai is so supportive and loving that of course she wants to be there for Rory and of course Rory wants to have that level of comfort when she tries something new or grows up.

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