Green Arrow’s mightiest bow puts Hawkeye to shame

In DC’s Green Arrow 80th anniversary special, Oliver Queen ended up using a cosmic bow when his duty at the Watchtower became more exciting than he bargained for.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special # 1

In DC Comics’ special anniversary issue for Green Arrow, Oliver Queen uses a powerful new arc that puts Marvel Hawkeye Embarrass. Released as an anthology edition featuring a variety of stories from stellar writers and artists, one story, in particular, sees Oliver Queen less than enthusiastic about being put into service with The Watchtower while the rest of the Justice League rampages. embark on a space adventure. However, it turns out that Green Arrow’s change becomes much more exciting than he expected, and the resulting action of an alien attack motivates him to use a powerful new bow beyond his traditional weapon of choice.

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On Green Arrow 80th Anniversary Special # 1, writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Chris Mooneyham created “Who’s Watching the Watchtower?” a short story in which Oliver Queen is seen all hot and upset that he’s being left behind as his fellow superheroes embark on a space mission of epic proportions. Feeling bored and curious as to whether he could get pizza on the League’s orbital space station, Green Arrow was soon pleasantly surprised to find a sudden alien assault on the Watchtower, leaving Green Arrow as the only one available to save the day.

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However, Green Arrow soon realized that his usual bow and arrows were massively ineffective against this new alien threat, especially his high-impact tentacled robot monster, as anything he fired at it simply bounced off. Needing a new weapon to use, Oliver came across a cosmic bow that had been on display amid all the trophies and memorabilia that the Justice League had collected over the years. While he couldn’t remember where they got it from and what he could do, the Green Arrow was simply hoping for the best, letting an extremely powerful beam fly from his new cosmic bow, resulting in an explosion that would have turned Clint Barton into a Hawkeye. jealous.


Sure enough, the Green Arrow arc was really “really cool”, and the explosion absolutely decimated the biggest and final alien enemy. However, the best part was when the Justice League returned. Oliver chose to keep quiet about his solo battle and adventure, even though his teammates could clearly see signs of damage and unrest throughout the Watchtower. From what Green Arrow knew, all was quiet and uneventful.

Regardless, Green Arrow’s cosmic arc was incredibly epic, and it’s ridiculous that he would put it back in his display case once his secret battle was over. Given the extreme firepower it provided, some may think Oliver should have kept and used it for the long haul, as it would certainly be more effective than any arrow from a boxing glove. However, it did not quite fit with Green Arrow style and green aesthetics. After all, the bow was purple, which is much more of the Marvel color. Hawkeye prefers (yet another reason Clint Barton would be jealous).

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