Masters of the Universe: Revelation puts a new twist on the origin of He-Man’s sword of power in anticipation of the upcoming Netflix series.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Masters of the Universe: Revelation # 1 by Kevin Smith, Rob David, Tim Sheridan, Mindy Lee, Rico Renzi, Kathleen Barnett, and Deron Bennett, on sale now.

Netflix’s next Masters of the Universe: Revelation is a highly anticipated direct sequel to the original 1983 animated series, and is rumored to uncover new secrets about He-Man and his allies in Eternia. The first of these secrets has just been revealed on the pages of Revelationprequel to the comic book series, and changes everything that was previously known about the Sword of Power.

Traveling through time, He-man witnesses King Grayskull searching for a weapon capable of defeating an extra-dimensional enemy who has kidnapped his son. The king consults with the gods of his world who are willing to help Grayskull by granting him his magical power, if the king can provide a weapon capable of containing the power. The king learns of the existence of a special mineral that he can use to forge such a weapon, but unfortunately he must make a deal with the devil to obtain the substance.

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The story surrounding He-Man and his sword has been somewhat confusing in the years since the franchise debuted in the early 1980s. He-Man and the sword of power The Donald F. Glut and Alfredo Alcala comic (packed with the original 1982 action figure) explained that the Power Sword was split in two so that all of its power wouldn’t end up in the wrong hands, but the new comic and series didn’t. mention this.

The revised history now states that the Sword of Power existed on its own long before the gods of Eternia granted it magical abilities, and it was tempered with a mineral given by a being that resembles the evil Skeletor. This may unite He-Man and his rival in a way that has never been revealed before, considering that they currently both possess one of the two magic swords that were created in this way.

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Whether or not this means Sword of Power will be split in two in the upcoming Netflix series remains a mystery, but there’s no question that Kevin Smith has big plans for him as the lead writer for the show and its comic. prequel.

The concept of the existing two-halved Power Sword dates back to He-Man’s earliest canon, but there’s no guarantee that this is the route the new show will take. Hopefully this will be just a new aspect of the classic tradition brought to the table by Revelation, even if it’s really just a reinterpretation of something that has been there all along.

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