How I Met Your Mother: 8 Times Marshall Should Have Been Fired

The gang, with the exception of Barney, worked hard to pursue their dreams in How I met your mother. They were all on a different career path and, just like in real life, there were many obstacles to overcome. Of all his friends, Marshall had the best work ethic. He cared deeply about the Earth and went to graduate school hoping to become an environmental lawyer.

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Money is always a factor when looking at different jobs, but Marshall showed that he really believed in what he was doing. Fiction tends to bend the rules of the workplace, and while Marshall deserved his positions, he made decisions that should have had more dire consequences.

8 When he had “conference calls” with Barney

Marshall and Barney were at great risk, but since How i met your mother it is fiction, it was not portrayed as such. Every time one of them wanted to hang out, he would walk into the other’s office and say that it was time to participate in a conference call.

No matter how important the meeting was, Marshall and Barney always left to go up on the roof and drink beer. Not only were they drinking alcohol during work hours, but they were neglecting their duties in order to do so.

7 When he used the bathroom on the eighth floor

Marshall insisted on carrying a magazine every time he went to the bathroom. He was taking a shame walk down the hall because the magazine was like a neon sign for his co-workers. Rather than just skipping the entertainment, Marshall began looking for alternative ways to sneak out.

Employees weren’t allowed to go up to the eighth floor while it was being built, but Marshall snuck in to use the bathroom. While reading his magazine on the toilet, a wrecking ball knocked over the wall and nearly hit him. Considering that Marshall almost died, his actions should have had consequences.

6 When he abused the kids on the basketball team

Marshall coaches basketball in How I Met Your Mother.

It wasn’t a paid gig, but Marshall should still have been fired as the school’s basketball coach. Being strict is one thing, but Marshall physically and emotionally abused the students. He yelled at them in a way that even adults shouldn’t have to put up with and made them feel horrible about themselves.

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Marshall worked the team to the bone and threw a basketball at a boy because he wasn’t impressed with his performance. Lily was furious at Marshall’s behavior, and it’s shocking that her teaching methods never reached parents.

5 When he and Barney held fake meetings for Ted

Barney is never a good influence on anyone and, in defense of Marshall, he meant well. But the company is unlikely to mind the reasoning if they found out how he and Barney had been spending their time. The GNB building that Ted designed is scrapped, but Marshall and Barney worry that it is too much for Ted to manage due to the personal problems he’s going through.

They lie to Ted and make him think that everything is still going according to plan. They hire people to sit in the conference room with them during mock project meetings and allow Ted to keep coming into the office and giving presentations. It goes without saying that the ongoing scam is not a good use of company resources.

4 When Lily showed up drunk in her office

Marshall and Lily kissing

Because Lily is Marshall’s wife and he allowed her into the office, everything she does will automatically fall on him. This particular visit came after she drank too much wine and showed up at Marshall’s office in her nightgown.

She is incredibly drunk and cries so hard that anyone in the office could hear it. Lily also mixes up all of Marshall’s paperwork and throws it away. If anyone saw what was happening, Marshall would have had serious repercussions.

3 When he defended Brad at his law firm

Marshall and Brad in How I Met Your Mother.

Helping Brad get a job at his law firm was one of Marshall’s worst career decisions. Because Marshall is so kind, it’s easy to take advantage of him. Brad took the opportunity to jump in and trick Marshall into thinking he was desperate for work.

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Marshall went to bat for his friend and gave him his personal stamp of approval, but Brad was just trying to sneak into the office. Brad was working for Gruber Pharmaceuticals and had pretended to be unemployed to steal Honeywell & Cootes’ case strategy. Marshall should have been thrown out of the case or faced some repercussions for nearly losing the case.

two When he became an athlete

Technically, there is nothing wrong with starting a fantasy football league with coworkers. The main problem was that Marshall’s new role as “sportsman” was taking time away from the company and affecting his job performance.

He spent a good portion of the day collecting and keeping track of employee money, and was constantly nervous due to the amount of cash he carried. Marshall even used the conference room to count money, which is not a work-related activity.

1 When he refused to fire Randy

Randy on How I Met Your Mother

Randy was the worst employee in the office, always doing more harm than good. His mistakes would cost the company money and he never got better, no matter how many times Marshall tried to help him. There came a point where keeping him on board was detrimental, but firing him was against Marshall’s morale.

It ends up becoming a tricky shoot-and-stop situation, but Marshall should have let it go from the beginning and be done with it. Instead, he allowed Randy to inflict even more damage because he didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

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