How to Prestige Survivors and Assassins in Dead By Daylight

Reaching level 50 with a character in Dead By Daylight allows players to give prestige to that killer or survivor. They can do this three times to get rewards.

Part of the typical gameplay of Dead by daylight is leveling up Survivor and Assassin characters and unlocking new perks and add-ons with blood points, but there is little progression for a character beyond level 50. Players have the prestige option with that character at level 50. When a player chooses prestige in Dead by daylight, will reset the character to level 1 and unlock a special bloody version of the character’s original costume. They lose all advantages Articles, add-ons and offers, but its didactic perks will still be available on other characters’ Bloodwebs. Players can Prestige up to three times in Dead by daylight to unlock all three pieces of this exclusive cosmetic set.

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Increase a character’s Bloodweb prestige level in Dead by daylight It can be tricky, but it will continue to incentivize players to use and level up their entire list of killers and survivors. It can also be an opportunity for players to more easily unlock character-based achievements and trophies. Before choosing Prestige, there are a few things players should consider. Here’s how to increase a character’s prestige level in Dead by daylight.

How to increase the prestige level of a character in Dead By Daylight

Survivors in Dead by Daylight

Prestige a character in Dead by daylight, players must reach level 50 on that character. This will require them to spend the Bloodpoints they earn in each game on Perks, Items, Add-Ons, and Offerings for that character until they complete each character’s Bloodweb level. Most players will try to reach level 40 on a character as soon as possible to gain access to all of the educable versions of that character’s unique perks and allow those perks to start showing up in other characters’ Bloodwebs for different payloads. Reaching level 50 is somewhat more difficult, as Bloodweb items will cost more and there are more.

Once players level up their character to level 50, a small gem will appear in the center of Bloodweb. Players do not need to complete Level 50 Bloodweb and can instead click on that gem to Prestige their character. They will lose all unused items, add-ons, and offers, and the character will reset with only one buff slot at level 1. In that character’s inventory, players will find a gory version of the character’s default backgrounds. The next time they give the same character prestige, they will receive the bloody version of their default top. Last time, they will receive his bloody face.

Dead by daylight Huntress

Level 50 characters generally have the rarest versions of perks and can earn the most blood points per game. Players may want to consider waiting to prestige a character and use that character to earn Bloodpoints instead. This can also be a way to use your character’s best items, add-ons, and offerings so they don’t go to waste. Players can use the Bloodpoints they earn to bring another character to Level 50. At this point, they can Prestige the first character and start farming Bloodpoints and use items from the new Level 50 character.

Increase a character’s prestige level by Dead by daylight Slightly increases the chances of Rare, Very Rare, or Ultra Rare items appearing in your Bloodweb at all levels. In Prestige I, there is an additional 10% chance for rare items to appear. In Prestige II, there is an additional 20% rare and a 10% chance for very rare items to appear. In Prestige III, there is an additional 30% rare, a 20% chance for very rare, and a 10% chance for ultra-rare items to appear. While this is very small, it can make the Prestige routine a somewhat less difficult character.


Dead by daylight is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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