Loki: Each variant classified by its costume design

Warning: this article contains major spoilers for Disney + Loki.

Time Variance Authority is on the hunt for Loki variants and the Disney + show has already featured a wide variety of characters from alternate realities. Each timeline has a slightly different variation of the cheat god, resulting in some truly unique costume designs.

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While some of these creations come directly from the comics, others are original from Loki itself. The variants and their secret lives are a huge part of the series’ narrative and each one should stand out from the rest. Therefore, their costume designs are vitally important in telling this story, but they still sell the fact that these are Lokis.

10 Honorable mention: Alligator Loki

Kid Loki holding Alligator Loki

While there isn’t much costume design within this variant, Alligator Loki simply cannot be ignored. It’s a cool move to add an animal version of the character and while there isn’t a version like this in the comics, it’s plausible that Alligator Loki could be an enemy of Throgg.

A small, cute-looking crocodile, this version of Loki wears little horns on his head, just to make it clear that this really is a Variation. Also, the shade of green cleverly matches the type of clothing the Asgardian would normally wear, allowing the creature to be believable in its role.

9 Champion Loki

Loki Episode 2 Tour De France Variant Loki

At the beginning of the show, Mobius shows some of the versions of Loki from the different timelines. Many of these have a blink and will miss a cameo and probably won’t come back as the big baddies. However, Champion Loki is one of the most prominent of the group.

Holding a championship cup and looking happy about his victory, this version of the character is an athlete of some kind and wears matching gear. Possibly part of the Tour de France, the costume is Asgardian in nature and carries Loki’s famous colors with it, but it also feels like it was created in Midgard.

8 TVA Loki

Loki Episode 3 Loki on TVA

The Loki that fans have become the most used to is the Variant who was removed from the timeline before being arrested by the Avengers. Now working with TVA, this Loki is most commonly seen on TVA gear, complete with a jacket and shirt look.

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While not the most charismatic outfit, it shows the character’s initial loyalties and also creates a huge change of pace for Loki, who is used to Asgardian wear and tear from the other movies. The god manages to remove the outfit quite convincingly and the appearance will always be associated with the show.

7 Hulking Loki

Loki Episode 2 Variant of Hulk Loki

Another of the many variants in the TVA files, Hulking Loki appears to be the character affected by gamma radiation. Like the Incredible Hulk, this version of Loki has increased in size and mass and is probably much stronger than the average Loki.

The funny thing about the design is that it mimics how the Hulk transforms but with Loki’s twists. The normal shorts are replaced with Asgardian clothing and this Hulk still has a pair of horns on his head. Overall, the design is a bit slimmer than the regular Gamma monster.

6 Boastful Loki

Loki Episode 4 Hammer Loki and Kid Loki

It’s easy to imagine Boastful Loki appearing on other Disney + shows considering the character’s premise. Clearly a hybrid of Loki and Thor, this variant has quite a contrasting costume compared to the other variants seen everywhere. Loki.

With a darker set of gear with more Viking influences than most, Boastful Loki comes complete with his own hammer. Much smaller than Mjolnir, fans currently don’t know what the new weapon is called, but it is sure to be lethal in battle when the time comes to harness its power.

5 Viking loki

Loki Episode 2 Loki Variant Helmet

Seemingly coming from a plant-based society considering the natural elements in the wardrobe, Viking Loki is another variant in the TVA database that they have previously captured. The influences on the costume are clearly based on historical examples.

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With brown gear, grassy shoulder pads and knee pads, and some of the largest horns to date, the helmet itself is very Viking in nature. The character is likely a noble warrior and a berzerker in battle, and the costume effectively sells this idea.

4 Loki Kid

Loki Kid

One of the most anticipated versions of Loki was Kid Loki. A mainstay in the comics, this version of the character has even been a part of the Young Avengers. The version of the show, therefore, had a lot going for it in terms of the source material.

Looking quite comical, this Kid Loki had a smaller version of Loki’s traditional costume again complete with the horns. However, these horns were much smaller and pointed into the air like one more crown than the common headdress seen on a Loki.

3 Classic Loki

Loki episode 4 new variants post credits scene

The Loki that comic book readers may be most familiar with is the classic Loki. This is the version of the character who fought the Avengers in his debut and features a completely cheesy wardrobe, with garish colors.

The MCU version of this outfit definitely makes a great attempt to replicate what is seen on the page on the small screen. The bright colors are still there, but the design looks more rugged. Also, these are the most extravagant headdresses to date.

two Sylvie

Loki Episode 4 Sylvie On TVA

Although Sylvie has made quite an impression on fans, there is a theory that she is inspired by Lady Loki and The Enchantress. The costume, therefore, could reflect both Enchantress and Lady Loki influences from the source material.

The horns are intact again, but a much shorter version and Asgardian clothing has never looked bolder. This is a warrior outfit, with fluid elements added from the cape, giving it a mystical effect that the Sorceress would want to convey.

1 Original Loki

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Whether it’s The Enchantress, the classic version of even a Boastful iteration, no one can really beat the original Loki. The main timeline cheat has set the trends for what fans can expect in terms of costume design in the MCU.

The god has had various appearances, though there are some consistencies between them as well, including royal Asgard outfits that often compare and contrast well with those in Thor’s wardrobe. Costumes have evolved a lot over time, but the same color palette and hard edges are always used.

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