Loki lead writer Michael Waldron reveals that he shares a love for jet skis with Mobius and that he loves the fan creations he has inspired.

Loki Lead writer Michael Waldron has revealed that he shares a love for jet skis with Mobius, and that he appreciates the jet skis-themed memes that Loki fans have been creating and sharing. The latest Disney + / Marvel series focuses on Tom Hiddleston as the fan-favorite God of Mischief. Later Avengers EndgameThe time heist results in 2012’s Loki escaping with the Tesseract, being arrested by the Time Variation Authority (TVA), and flagged as a variant for deviating from the so-called Sacred Timeline. TVA agent Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) recruits this Loki to help hunt down a particularly dangerous variant, but the duo wind up unraveling a major TVA-related conspiracy and encountering many different variations of Loki along the way.

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Along with Sophie di Martino’s Sylvie, Mobius has quickly become a beloved character following his introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Loki. Not only because of his willingness to forgive Loki and participate in his redemption, but also because of his love for jet skis. Although at first Mobius’ collection of jet ski magazines appears to be a quirky hobby, the reveal in Loki Episode 3 “Lamentis” that the TVA agents are actually variants with their memories erased gives it much more emotional weight. It’s even been theorized that the character’s fascination with ’90s culture is an indication of where, and when, Mobius actually came from.

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Now lead writer and executive producer Michael Waldron has revealed that Mobius’ fascination with jet skis was inspired by his own love of jet skis. In an exclusive interview with Screen rant, Waldron spoke about his admiration for jet skis and how Loki has inspired all kinds of fan creations, citing this adorable Loki / Luca cross art. Read his full quote below when asked if he has seen the jet ski memes:

“I have. I love that. My wife just sent me that one from Luca. Look, I love jet skis. I’ll reveal myself as a jet ski lover so I’m with Mobius on it. Glad to see jet skis getting a little love on the zeitgeist. “

Loki and Luca cross art

The appreciation of jet skis seems like an odd detail for Mobius to retain about his previous life, so Waldron’s love for them explains the time traveler’s interest in them on a metatextual level. Whether it was intended to be a throwaway joke or indicated something significant about Mobius’ past, fans clearly approve of this character detail. Even Owen Wilson’s fellow stars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are apparently in on the joke, with Shang-chi star Simu Liu sharing a photo of himself riding a jet ski and apparently enjoying “The Dream Life of Mobius”.

With just a few days before the end of Loki premieres on Disney +, many will no doubt wonder about the fate of Mobius and if he will ever recover his memories. It can be argued that the series is about the God of Mischief who finally discovers what his glorious purpose is, and that Mobius’ glorious purpose is to get the jet ski ride he’s been dreaming of. However Loki ends, fans are sure to stand up for Mobius and his love of jet skis forever, ever.

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