As the leader of X-Force, Beast is leading the team down a dark path, leading Wolverine to admit that Krakoa’s brainwashing of innocent people is wrong.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Wolverine # 13 Y X-Force # 20!

Weather X-Force given security responsibility at the X-Men Hellfire Gala, the Beast team leader had his own ideas on how to keep mutants Glutton in the kind of disgusting scheme that has so often ruined his own life. Beast used telephonic technology to brainwash the assistant ambassadors, and all hell broke loose when his dark intentions inevitably went awry.

It’s no secret that Logan has been stripped of his free will numerous times. He has been brainwashed, mind controlled, and memory erased more often than any other hero. From the Weapon X show, to his demon-possessed body, to Apocalypse turning him into the Horseman Death, Logan knows a thing or two about how it feels to lose agency and self-control. It’s no wonder that once he found out why the Terra Verde ambassadors were suddenly performing at the gala, he sought a peaceful solution.

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It’s hard enough for creators to maintain the continuity of an event that takes place across twelve Marvel titles, but writing in subtle and emotional moments for their characters on top of that is even more impressive. The team behind Wolverine # 13 – Benjamin Percy, Scot Eaton, Oren Junior, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Cory Petit – are able to do just that, understanding the gravity of Wolverine working with a man who is taking agency away from the people. Beast leveraging Terra Verdean’s telephonic programming to benefit Krakoa’s ambitions (and his own) is not only wrong, but it draws a direct parallel to the brainwashing Wolverine has endured time and again. And when Beast’s programming fails and the ambassadors start performing at the gala, it doesn’t take long for Logan to realize why they’re so angry, then explains that he has experience with “someone else claiming my mind and my body.”

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Wolverine apologizes

Once one of the ambassadors reveals what they have done to him and his people, it is obvious that Logan is upset about the game he has played. After all, your circumstances are a direct mirror of yours. This means that Beast unwittingly turned Wolverine into what he hates the most. Not only is it something that undoubtedly upsets Logan on a personal and moral level, but it will also likely be a source of conflict between the two mutants.

It’s not often that readers see Wolverine apologizing, but in this case, he did so without hesitation – in his own way, of course. At the end of Wolverine # 13When the Hellfire Gala ends, he and his X-Force teammates, along with partying Deadpool and a Terra Verdean ambassador, have a drink. While Beast is forced to initiate a cover-up that allows Terra Verde to act as direct competitors to Krakoa’s biological technology, Logan is more direct and, while not saying it directly, acknowledges that what happened was not right. The excessive use of Beast of X-Force It has only grown more and more deplorable as time goes on, and hopefully this particular misadventure will cause Glutton – like Jean Gray before him – think twice before your membership.

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