Being a villain in the Marvel Universe can be a difficult task; For starters, every time he comes up with a great get-rich-quick scheme, a hero in disguise appears to screw it all up. Every time you find an item of maximum power, a group of heroes appear to snatch it from you. No matter how intimidating the villain is, there is always a hero to stop him.

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The villains have taken some pretty savage beatings over the years, many of them in direct proportion to the bad things they did themselves. Some of them have survived these horrendous assaults, again causing more terror.

9 Galactus tried to eat the earth while starving and at his weakest point

Galactus Judgment

Galactus is one of the most powerful cosmic beings in the universe, but his power depends on devouring worlds. So if you go too long between meals, you get weaker and weaker, approaching death. While rare, this happened to him once and led to one of his most definitive defeats.

For some reason, on the verge of death and at his weakest point, he decided that Earth would be the right planet to devour and he tried, which went as badly as one could imagine. The heroes of Earth were able to dominate him and, although he would survive the battle, it would lead him to stand trial for his crimes against the universe.

8 The green goblin didn’t actually die when he was impaled by his goblin glider.

Norman Osborn returns from the dead

Green Goblin has gotten used to cheating death over the years, but the most impressive moment is still the first. After Gwen Stacy’s death, Green Goblin and Spider-Man were fighting and Goblin sent his Goblin glider at Spider-Man, releasing a long pickaxe from the front, trying to impale the young hero. However, Spider-Man’s arachnid sense warned him and he dodged.

Instead, he hit Goblin and Spider-Man thought that was the end of his rival, but it wasn’t; The Goblin formula that gave Green Goblin his great strength and speed also gave him a healing factor, allowing him to survive. He hid for years, plotting his revenge against his nemesis crawling through the walls before attacking again, leading the Clone Saga.

7 Ultron has been able to stay functional even after complete destruction

Ultron age

Ultron is one of the Avengers’ greatest enemies, his hatred of humanity and every atrocity he commits is the fault of his treatment by his creator Hank Pym. Ultron’s death is different than it would be for a biological being and he has taken advantage of this over the years. The only true way to kill Ultron would be to erase his personality and he has found a way around this.

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Ultron has become a master of transmitting his computerized consciousness to other places, always surviving to fight another day even though his body has been destroyed. The Avengers never know when he will return and that makes him one of their scariest villains.

6 Kang mastered a method that allowed him to survive many times

Kang is another Avengers villain who has used technology to cheat death. Kang’s time travel technology has given him many identities over the years, but this is not how he cheated death; instead, an alternate timeline, Kang of the Cross Time Kangs Council, gave him a device that would allow him to divert his consciousness into clone bodies.

For years, he used this device to survive battle after battle with the Avengers and other enemies, but over time, he felt like he was cheating, so he destroyed the device and all of its clones, erasing its technical specifications from its databases. He felt that it was a crutch that weakened him, he was not worthy of the man who called himself the Conqueror.

5 Cheating death is Loki’s favorite trick

Loki is one of the greatest villains in the history of the Marvel Universe. The God of Mischief has become used to harassing the more powerful heroes and teams in the vicinity, entangling them in his web of intrigue. Between his physical toughness as the son of the Frost Giants, Asgardian-trained fighting skill, and vast magic, killing Loki is difficult and made more difficult by the fact that faking his death is his favorite trick.

Loki has apparently died many, many times over the years, only to return in a new costume and gift the heroes with how he survived their assault. Few villains are as good at cheating death as Loki; He can take beatings that would take down other villains and his trickster powers allow him to easily make his enemies believe that he is dead.

4 Magneto was nearly killed by Wolverine and retaliated

The “Fatal Attractions” story saw one of Magneto’s greatest attacks on humanity, when he detonated an electromagnetic pulse that chilled the Earth’s electrical grid. The X-Men mobilized, deciding it was time to end Magneto’s threat once and for all. The team battled the Mutant Master of Magnetism on their new Avalon space station with Wolverine delivering an almost decisive blow.

However, he made the mistake of gloating a bit instead of finishing the job and Magneto made him pay for it, ripping out his adamantium skeleton. However, Professor X made his longtime enemy pay, lobotomizing him and ending the fight, saving Magneto’s life, despite taking his mind off him.

3 Doctor Octopus survived death by taking over Spider-Man’s body.

The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 # 1

Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes in more ways than one, and eventually his years of being a supervillain scientist caught up with him. As Doc Ock wasted away, he devised a desperate plan to survive and all he needed was a new body: Spider-Man’s. By enacting his new plan, he caught the attention of Spider-Man and was able to do the unthinkable: transfer his consciousness to Spider-Man’s body.

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However, Peter Parker left him a parting gift: his morality and responsibility. This gift would drive Ock to prove that he was superior to his defeated foe in every way, becoming the Superior Spider-Man and proving to be better Peter Parker than Peter Parker.

two Red Skull almost dies every time he appears

The Red Skull began as a Nazi operation before hatching plans that have killed many

When it comes to near death, Red Skull is the MVP. It’s hard to point out just once that Red Skull almost died, but he survived because he seems to always do that when he returns; Like other villains, Red Skull has also mastered a method of transferring his mind to clone bodies, except that he likes to put his mind on clones of Captain America’s body.

In recent years, he decided to branch out and is also known to survive in the body of former KGB agent Aleksander Lukin. Like the twisted ideology he stands for, Red Skull always comes back because he never really dies.

1 Sabretooth survived a claw salute from Wolverine

Wolverine 90 - Trimmed Third Claw

Sabretooth is Wolverine’s greatest enemy and the two have had some pretty twisted battles over the years, but one of the best is that of Wolverine # 90. Sabretooth broke free from his cell at the X-Mansion and only Wolverine was there to stop him, with the two fighting in a no-holds-barred way. Wolverine, without adamantium at this time, was able to defeat his enemy and extended two claws on either of his face.

Saber Tooth exhorted Wolverine to do so, telling him that if he didn’t, he would go after everyone Wolverine cared about, so Wolverine opened the third claw, the one under Saber Tooth’s chin, putting one foot on sharp bone in your brain. While Sabretooth would survive due to his healing factor, it was still the closest he had ever come to death.

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