MCU’s Next Big Hero Destroyed Marvel’s Seventh Infinity Stone

Despite his impending MCU debut, Black Knight has always been a relatively dark hero, but he destroyed Marvel’s forgotten Seventh Infinity Stone.

Marvel has a secret, seventh, Infinity stone, and the only hero strong enough to destroy him is Black knight. Although Dane Whitman is rarely considered one of the strongest Avengers, his Ebony Blade is capable of incredible things, seemingly even capable of surpassing the strongest Infinity Stone in the Marvel universe.

Originally debuting in 1996, Ego Gem was introduced as part of a crossover that Marvel had with the new superhero universe, the Ultraverse. However, far from introducing the seventh gem into Marvel mythology, this crossover completely rewrote everything Marvel fans knew about Infinity Gems and the beginnings of the Marvel Universe. The crossover revealed that a cosmic being known as Nemesis was the first consciousness to ever exist. Due to loneliness and depression, Nemesis separated into seven gems. Although six of the gems remained in the Marvel Universe, the seventh fell in an alternate universe, the Ultraverse. On Avengers / Ultraforce # 1 By Glen Herdling, Angel Medina, and MC Wyman, the other six Infinity Gems fall into the Ultraverse. Unfortunately, the Eternal Sersi had exiled herself and the Black Knight to the Ultraverse, giving the Ego Gem a perfect container. Motivated to find the other gems, Ego Gem possesses Sersi so that she can reassemble them.

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Wanting to possess all the gems himself, Loki organizes a contest with the Grand Master that pits the Avengers against the Ultraverse. The contest does not result in a clear winner, leaving Sersi possessed by Ego Gem as a perfect opportunity to snatch the gems. The seven Infinity Gems then reform into the cosmic being Nemesis. With the combined powers of the seven Infinity Gems, Nemesis is a multiversal threat, capable of reshaping universes on a whim. Initially use this power to completely eliminate the assembled heroes. However, fortunately for them, she is not entirely complete. Having spent so much time apart, the Infinity Gems have developed somewhat of personalities, causing these pieces of Nemesis to fight each other. Realizing this weakness, the Avengers and Ultraforce go on the offensive. Black Knight charges in front of the others, and with his Ebony Blade, he strikes the crown of Nemesis. The resulting burst of energy shatters the Ego Stone, its power then flowing into the other Six Infinity Stones, ending Nemesis forever.

Black Knight destroys the Seventh Infinity Stone

While it may seem confusing at first why the Black Knight of all heroes came to be the person who saved the day, it does make some sense. Like a crossover Avengers / Ultraforce naturally, you want both of your outfits to look good. That is why the fight between the two teams ends inconclusive. Therefore, as a former member of the Avengers and current member of Ultraforce, Black Knight is the logical hero to end things. Given the almost limitless power of the Ebony Blade, it also adds up from an in-universe perspective.

However, as genuinely cool as the role of Black Knight is, it’s hard to deny that the crossover just doesn’t work out. The retcon surrounding the origin of the Marvel Universe and the Infinity Gems adds nothing new or interesting to the Marvel mythology, and Nemesis herself is a forgettable villain. Most disappointing of all is that Ego Gem doesn’t really display its power beyond possessing people. Tellingly, this crossover has been largely forgotten and not canon at this point. Comic book fans can only hope the MCU doesn’t show up Black knight on Eternal so i can destroy a seventh secret Infinity stone.

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