Movies from the wrong turn where no one survives

The fourth and fifth Wrong Turn films have the rare slasher franchise distinction of being two sequels where only the villains survive the action.

In a rare fate even among horror franchises, the fourth and fifth Wrong turn The movies manage to leave no characters alive to see the next installment (except for the villains, that is). Released in 2003, the original Wrong turn was a gory and fast-paced survival horror that pitted doomed city conspirators against a trio of super strong inbred mountain men. Despite referring to people like The Hills Have Eyes Y The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original film owed more inspiration to 80s woodland slashers like Just before sunrise Y Mad What Wrong turn He avoided attempts at social commentary in favor of exciting chases and creative killings.

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However, the movie still managed to spawn a string of increasingly cheaper sequels and eventually a 2021 one. Wrong turn reboot (which wisely made a joke from the original movies). Despite the relatively tame terror of the original outing, the Wrong turn the sequels gradually became more absurd and cartoonish in their violence, and by the third sequel, the series was essentially a gross and comical horror show in which the evil Odetts brothers were the real focus, rather than their victims. Some fans preferred this petty approach, but for many, the series peaked with its first and second installments.

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However, while the movies may not be perfect, the Wrong turn The franchise boasts a strangely impressive slasher franchise achievement. Thanks to its strange chronology, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings Y Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines They both end with the cannibals slaying all the heroes, leaving no final symbolic survivor to get to the next film in the series. This is partly because the villain from the Three Finger franchise dies in Wrong turn 3, which means that the remaining sequels are actually prequels to the first movie. However, this makes the Wrong turn movies one of the only slasher franchises that leaves no one but the villain standing, twice.

Of the two movies, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings features the most aggressively desperate ending, with the entire cast of the film being killed except for the villainous trio of killer brothers. Located in an abandoned asylum, Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings sets up a more annoying and less-equipped cast of possible survivors than those in the original film, and it’s no wonder they can be quickly eliminated. However, when the seeming last girl Sara overpowers One Eye and steals a snowmobile to boldly escape, her prospects look promising, only to have her later beheaded by a barbed wire trap alongside the friend she saved, Kenya.

Wrong Turn 5: BloodlinesMeanwhile, he manages to get even more grim by allowing not only the assassins but also his newfound accomplice to survive while all the non-villainous characters are still killed (or at least heavily implicated). For much of its runtime, Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines It poorly disguises the sequel’s limited budget by staging the action inside a small town police station. As the trio of brothers unleash hell on the outer tone, Hellraiser doug bradley star Wrong turn Maynard, a newcomer to the franchise, is being held on suspicion of a series of murders that he and the Odetts brothers committed. However, he is eventually accidentally freed by the movie’s heroine, whom he quickly blinds and goes off to wander the city. While the movie doesn’t show his death on screen, the fact that the villains pick up the blind and lost survivor in the final moments of the rather desperate ending makes it almost certain. Therefore, Wrong turn 4 Y 5The especially unsavory storylines mean the franchise can boast the dubious honor of being one of the only horror series where no one survives for two films.

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