The world of Naruto features a dazzling and rich assortment of characters, from the spoiled but enthusiastic Naruto Uzumaki to the lazy but bright Shikamaru and the distant but loyal Neji Hyuga, along with his gentle cousin Hinata Hyuga. Neji died young, but what if he had survived and sought out a romantic partner once the Fourth Shinobi War ended?

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Neji was introduced as a bitter defeatist who doubted both Naruto and Hinata’s dreams, but changed his tone in no time and soon showed his loyal and brave side in facing true evil. Neji is a responsible, mature and selfless person, and if he were to find a romantic partner, he would need someone who shares his worldview or is similarly compatible. Who should I choose?

10 Itsuka Kendo would match Neji’s (My Hero Academia) sense of responsibility

Although Itsuka Kendo is more cheerful and outgoing than Neji Hyuga, these two characters have a lot of overlap in what counts. Like Neji, Itsuka defines herself by her sense of duty and responsibility, and is quick to act like the older sister to all of her classmates at UA.

Neji would definitely approve of it, and would also be touched by Itsuka’s tender and caring side and her fierce determination to save the entire world from evil. Itsuka, meanwhile, would be insightful enough to see Neji’s warm heart under his cool exterior and appreciate it.

9 Misaki Ayuzawa is sensible, like Neji (Maid-Sama!)

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

As a friend or romantic partner, the tough but kind Misaki Ayuzawa makes a good match for anyone who shares her sense of duty and responsibility, and like Itsuka, Misaki acts like an older sister to her classmates. It helps that Neji’s mature personality would never trigger Misaki’s angry side.

Misaki is stern but caring, and will easily form strong bonds with any honest, kind, and genuine person she meets. If Neji visited the maid cafe a few times, he and Misaki would certainly take an interest in each other.

8 Nino Nakano is true to his feelings and likes cool boys (the quintessential quintuplets)

Nino is Nakano’s second sister, and she often introduced her distant and stubborn side to Futaro Uesugi, but that’s only because she felt quite defensive with a tutor breaking into her house. Otherwise, Nino is a much kinder girl and is also quite honest about her feelings.

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Neji Hyuga’s serious and mature exterior would greatly appeal to Nino, both in terms of personality and Nino’s distinctive taste for cool boys, and Neji would recognize Nino for what she is: a somewhat hotheaded but also compassionate girl who knows what she is. likes. This pairing should be interesting.

7 Asami Sato is mature and bright (The Legend of Korra)

asami sato

Asami Sato may be the rich and brilliant leader of Future Industries, but that doesn’t mean she is arrogant or aloof with her friends and associates. In fact, it’s the opposite. Asami is a humble person at heart, while recognizing her strengths and making the most of them. She is well balanced that way.

Neji would be dazzled by Asami’s grace, maturity, sophistication, and intense desire to make the world a better place, and would recognize Asami as someone who is in full control of her destiny. Whatever she wants, she can build it herself, which should be a good example for Neji.

6 Mikasa Ackerman is on Neji’s vein as a cool-headed hero (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman smiling (Attack on Titan)

Mikasa Ackerman is a very talented and effective Scout, and she only becomes reckless when it comes to her childhood friend Eren Yeager. Otherwise, Mikasa is cool as a cucumber and sets a good example with her mature, brave personality and strong will.

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This means that Neji and Mikasa would get along really well on a personal level, and if Eren wasn’t in the picture, Mikasa might fall in love with Neji after fighting alongside him a couple of times, and vice versa. They have too much in common not to.

5 Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a compassionate but deadly professional (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is one of many anime characters who has a cold and tough exterior, but a warm and fuzzy heart on the inside, a personality that is sure to attract Neji Hyuga in the dating market. Neji wants a girlfriend who is wise and mature on the outside to match his personality, but a kind heart is also a must.

Riza Hawkeye ticks all the correct boxes in Neji’s eyes. She is a consummate professional during missions and is not afraid of any enemies, but she also cares deeply for her friends and will do whatever it takes to protect them from anything, including themselves. He won’t let Roy Mustang, his best friend, lose himself in hatred, and he would do the same for Neji.

4 Mirajane Strauss is a powerful and beautiful wizard (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane, fairy tale

Mirajane Strauss is an S rank mage in the Fairy Tail guild, and is the eldest of the three Strauss brothers, all of whom use Take Over magic. Mirajane is a kind and fun-loving magician, to be sure, but she also has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, and will immediately put her foot down if justice is threatened.

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Mirajane is sure to dazzle Neji Hyuga with her charming but tough exterior and her intense devotion to her brothers and their guild. Mirajane is both the guild’s beautiful pet and its best advocate, setting a great example for all of her companions. How can Neji not Fall in love with her?

3 Tatsuki Arisawa is a cool and loving friend of Orihime (Bleach)

Tatsuki is highly respected among her classmates at Karakura High as she is a skilled martial artist who aspires to be the best one day. She is also Orihime Inoue’s best friend and is very protective of her. He will even confront Ichigo if he believes that Ichigo is partly responsible for Orihime’s misfortunes.

Neji would definitely like Tatsuki’s emphasis on taijutsu, so to speak, and would admire his courage and ambition to become as strong as he can be. He would also like your sense of responsibility and pragmatism. Tatsuki is enthusiastic and energetic, but also quite down-to-earth and intelligent.

two Ylva is a responsible sister and mature beyond her years (Vinland Saga)

Ylva vinland saga

Thorfinn’s older sister Ylva didn’t appear often in this historic Viking series, but every time she did, she made quite an impression. Ylva is the daughter of Thors and Helga, and is very useful around the house. In the Middle Ages, it pays to be practical and good with cleaning and repair work.

Ylva has largely accepted her humility in life, but it is not easy to convince. She’s smart, responsible, and loving, and she’s not afraid to call people out for their nonsense. Neji would be delighted with Ylva’s mature and protective personality, and Ylva would recognize Neji as a humble and trustworthy fighter and friend. The sparks are already flying.

1 Neji would see himself in Maki Zenin (Jujutsu Kaisen)

maki zenin

Maki Zenin is a student at the Tokyo School of Wizards, and her backstory is somewhat similar to Neji Hyuga’s. Her family doubted her prowess as a sorceress and denied her many opportunities, so Maki bravely left to prove that she was a great sorceress on her own. She will not let fate decide anything for her.

Neji knows what it feels like, and would be very inspired by Maki’s courage and determination in such a situation. I would also appreciate his fearless and fearless personality in battle, and the two of them could get a little closer while fighting ninjas or curses together. They have a few things to join for.

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