New Girl: 10 Unpopular Opinions About Jess And Nick, According To Reddit

Jess and Nick and their on-and-off relationship is one of the main stories of New girl, and these totally different but equally quirky characters always had fans on their toes. From other great relationships to career changes and hidden feelings, there’s a lot to keep up with on these two.

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While Jess and Nick are having fun forever on the show, that doesn’t mean all fans are totally on board with everything that happened between them. Some fans send other couples and others have their own opinions on the dynamics and course of their relationship.

10 Angie or julia was better

Angie and Nick at the Christmas party, cuddling by the pool

While Nick had many important relationships, it’s pretty safe to say that neither Julia nor Angie ranked high on fan charts when it came to liking or compatibility. However, this Reddit user thinks these two were actually the best..

This is definitely an opinion that the majority do not have. Even if the fans didn’t like Jess, they are likely supporting Reagan or even Caroline. However, fans will be surprised to learn that some really loved Angie and Julia.

9 Reagan and Jess should have sparked an affair

Reagan and Jess standing at the bar.

While Nick’s only other great relationship was with Reagan, and some think Reagan might have been a better fit for him than Jess, this user is not afraid to speak to a total curveball about this love triangle.

In fact, they’re pretty sure they would have liked to see Reagan and Jess spend more time together, but specifically to give it a try in a romantic sense. This fan-ship could certainly have made things interesting on the show.

8 Schmidt and Cece were the best couple

Cece and Schmidt in the backyard for their daughter's birthday party

Not only this The Reddit user strongly believes that Schmidt and Cece were a much better couple than Nick and Jess, but they also think that Jess and Nick just weren’t compatible at all. They weren’t the best couple and should have remained friends.

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For those who think the best place for couples is at stake, you might agree. However, it’s definitely an unpopular opinion that Nick and Jess shouldn’t even be in the running for the show’s ‘best couple’.

7 Caroline deserved better

Caroline smiling and standing at the wedding attended by Nick and Jess

There aren’t too many Caroline fans, and this user doesn’t identify as one either, but they think the show’s writers actually did a number on Caroline: and that he even deserved better than he got.

In later seasons, Caroline is used quite a bit as a tool to promote Jess and Nick’s relationship and is painted as a bit unhinged and outraged. However, this Reddit user disagrees with his interpretation and believes that Nick was really the villain in everything.

6 The wedding was not pretty

Jess in the loft, eating cake in her wedding dress and an eye patch

All fans understand that the series had limited episodes to finish everything they wanted, and that included Nick and Jess finally getting married. It was a chaotic episode with lots of accidents, black eyes, returning exes, and more.

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While some thought it was appropriate, and actually ended up being intimate and sweet, this Reddit thread does not represent any of that. Rather, they think that it wasn’t worth it in the least, and that it was actually all a bit forgettable and uncomfortable.

5 Jess and Sam forever

Sam touching Jess's face at the loft door.

Where Reagan and Nick were, so were Sam and Jess. These two certainly had their roadblocks and nasty breakups, but a small portion of fans still think Jess’s real partner was with Dr. Sam and not Nick.

They had similar career ambitions and were generally quite mature and intelligent. Sam kept Jess grounded, to say the least, and Jess brought out her emotions. All this is true but this Reddit user is still in the minority supporting Sam.

4 Nick didn’t deserve Jess

Nick and Jess in the elevator

While Nick grows a lot throughout the series, this Reddit user still doesn’t see the hype around Nick. Specifically, why do all these beautiful and successful women fall head over heels in love with a guy like Nick.

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This thread is about how Jess is too good for this lazy and selfish character, and so are his exes. While this is definitely a hot take, fans can rest assured that at least one person on Reddit takes it very seriously.

3 Ryan was Jess’s soul mate

Ryan and Jess stand at the front of the classroom.

While most fans debate Sam and Nick, there is a small group of Reddit users who will stand proud on their hill supporting Ryan. This totally lovable and sweet fellow teacher and character could have been the other half of Jess.

While he is generally left in the dust and forgotten as a supporting character, this Reddit thread is not afraid to say this was a shame, because Ryan was actually perfect for Jess and deserved a happily ever after.

two They are a chaotic mess

Jess and Nick standing in their room, with all their things.

This Reddit thread is comparing a group of comedy couples, and an unpopular opinion is that Nick and Jess stand no chance against the rest. This user sums up the argument, and it is that Nick and Jess need a real stable adult, because neither of them is.

They are the best of friends, but they don’t bring out the best in each other. For many die-hard fans of the show, this opinion may be difficult to grasp and take in, but it’s out there nonetheless.

1 They had no chemistry

Nick and Jess with their newspaper, standing on the street

On a similar note, this Reddit user doesn’t think Jess and Nick were a good couple. However, this shot is exceptionally interesting because it only talks about their passion and their chemistry: and they are convinced that these two had none.

Of course, any other fan of this show would certainly disagree and back up your argument by saying that their first kiss was meant to be, and that it literally gave them goosebumps and was full of chemistry. On Reddit, however, some unpopular opinions find their light.

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