Rocky: Ivan Drago’s boxing record (every win and loss)

How many fights did the Soviet southpaw win? After beating Apollo Creed and facing Rocky in the ring, Ivan Drago’s career took a turn.

How many fights did Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) win and lose in the Rocky saga? The fearsome Soviet fighter first appeared on the world stage in Rocky iv (1985), where he infamously killed Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in an exhibition match. When titular hero Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) decides to avenge his friend, the resulting fight becomes both a personal vendetta and an embodiment of Cold War relationships. After the American side is victorious, Drago returns in disgrace to his home country and would not be seen again until the events of Creed ii. So what happened between movies and how does that affect Ivan’s professional background?

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An American classic, Rocky Balboa represents the prototype of the underdog. On Rocky, which is based on real-life boxer Chuck Wepner, fights valiantly against then-champion Apollo Creed despite his humble origins, eventually dethroning Creed and befriending him in Rocky ii. At the time of the events of Rocky ivHe is such an American icon that the Soviet Union seeks to strike a blow against the states by sending a champion of its own to defeat him. After touring the Russian amateur scene, they select Ivan Drago: a man of few words, but many victories: he enters the exhibition against Creed (with an amateur record of 100-0-0 according to the Rock legends videogame). Rocky eventually beats the one man machine, starting Drago’s professional record with a nasty 0-1 and sending him home in disgrace to try to resurrect his career.

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Ivan Drago’s professional record stands at 31-1-0. After Drago lost to Balboa, he was exiled to Ukraine, where he scored an impressive 31 victories, all by knockout. The 100-0-0 record he had before coming to America (also all by knockout) does not count towards his professional record as it was amateur fights, and his loss to Apollo Creed is similarly ruled out because it was an exhibition. . Despite his impressive streak after Balboa’s loss, he was never able to compete for the title again, as the spotted Drago name was not appealing to promoters. In the end, he retired and channeled his frustration into raising his son to be an even more formidable boxer than himself.

It stands to reason that Drago built up his near-perfect knockout history due to doping. Although his then-wife Ludmilla, who often speaks on her husband’s behalf in Rocky iv, rejects the accusations, it is clearly demonstrated that the Soviets spared no expense in preparing their champion for a conflict with such important political implications. After all, the Rocky the films thrive on a clear moral dichotomy and a helpless narrative. And what else to make Rocky the underdog than to give his opponent all the unethical advantages?

Retired, and with his professional record solidified at 31-1-0 (31 KO), Ivan directed his efforts to train his son Viktor to restore Drago’s name by fighting Apollo’s son, Adonis, in Creed ii. Having raised Viktor after Ludmilla divorced him as a result of losing to Balboa, Ivan molds Viktor into an image of his old self fueled by hatred, producing an equally complete KO ratio, but ultimately finding forgiveness and humanity in her relationship with her son and making peace with her career. In the end, that’s what Rocky it’s all about the movies: beating demons. While Drago’s track record shows him as a strong opponent, his most formidable rival was his own inner turmoil.

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