One of the most anticipated movies of 2022 is the next one The batman film, directed by Matt Reeves. With another reincarnation of the dark Knight, fans are eager to see what’s in store in Gotham this time around. As with most superhero movies today, The batman is set to have a massive star-studded cast, some of whom have already announced their roles.

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From fan favorite villains to completely new characters never seen before, even in comics, there are plenty of exciting cards for fans to get excited about in addition to Robert Pattinson’s leading role as billionaire vigilante Bruce Wayne.

10 Confirmed: Paul Dano is set to play main antagonist, The Riddler

The Batman Riddler Costume

Batman looks set to reincarnate one of Batman’s greatest enemies on the big screen, with the menacing and cunning Riddler, aka Edward Nashton, joining the cast as the main villain. Footage from the trailer showed that Riddler was already playing mind games with Bruce Wayne, in what could be a more detective-themed movie compared to previous versions of Batman.

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Paul Dano will play the antagonist who starts a murder spree in Gotham, having previously played brilliant and terrifying characters in Prisoners, There will be blood, Y 12 years of slavery Just to name a few.

9 Confirmed: another Batman villain, Penguin, will be played by Colin Farrell

Once again, DC has managed to get a great actor to take on Batman in the next movie, with Colin Farrell, previously known for roles in The Knights, In witches, Y Lobster. Also known by his real name Oswald Cobblepot, Penguin will not be the seasoned mob leader fans have seen before, as confirmed by director Matt Reeves.

From the trailer footage, Colin Farrell looks completely unrecognizable as the Penguin, and given Farrell’s great acting ability, fans can expect a great and compelling nemesis for Batman in what Farrell joked was a “really beautiful script, dark and poignant. “

8 Confirmed: Will Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman be Batman’s ally, enemy, or even lover?

Another interesting character who will be heavily involved in the upcoming Batman movie is Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, played by Big little lies star Zoë Kravitz. Again, very little information has been released about her role in the movie, and it’s especially puzzling with a character like Catwoman.

In the DC comics, Selina Kyle has regularly crossed paths between hero and villain, while also having a spell as a lover of Batman. Some photos from the set tease her working with some big crime bosses, while others have shown her riding motorcycles with Batman, so her motives remain up in the air.

7 Rumor has it: will Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker cross paths with Batman?

Since it was announced that there would be a new Batman, and with the incredibly successful and popular jester Since 2019, fans have been speculating about a future crossover in this dark new DC universe. Todd Phillips jester and Matt Reeves The batman They were both made as standalone films, seemingly in a completely different and separate universe from the DCEU, which raises the question of whether those two could eventually intersect.

They both appear to be equally dark and brave, and given that the Joker is Batman’s most iconic villain, it seems like a missed opportunity if Robert Pattinson’s Batman never takes on the chaotic villain, even if it’s just a cameo sparking future conflict. .

6 Confirmed: viewers will see another on-screen version of Commissioner James Gordon

We’ve had Gary Oldman, JK Simmons, and more playing the iconic detective, but now it’s Jeffrey Wright’s turn, who just finished his role on the TV show. WestworldSounds great to play the police commissioner. However, unlike the previous two versions of the character, Jeffrey Wright’s Gordon will not start the film as a commissioner, despite his working relationship with Batman himself.

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This adds a new twist to the movie and potentially a plot where he rebels against the rest of the police force to aid the vigilante in his quest to hunt down the Riddler.

5 Rumor has it: Could Deathstroke still be in DC’s Batman plans?

Snyder Cut Deathstroke

Before Robert Pattinson took over as Batman, DC planned to make a standalone Ben Affleck Batman movie, and the main villain would be Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. While the plans have completely changed, there might still be a slim chance that the mercenary will show up.

In fact, her little cameo in the post-credits scene of League of Justice, where he met with Lex Luthor to discuss plans to form a “league of villains,” may have hinted at his appearance in the next Batman movie.

4 Confirmed: Alfred Pennyworth will once again become Batman’s right hand man

One of the most iconic and memorable parts of Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy it was Michael Caine’s charming performance as Alfred Pennyworth. He was so good that it seems almost impossible to replace him, but with an interesting cast of Andy Serkis, The Batman could go in a different direction with his character.

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First Lord of the Rings Y Planet of the Apes The actor is much younger than Michael Caine, and with hints that his former SAS agent is being scouted, Andy Serkis’s Alfred could be working alongside Bruce during his investigation into the Riddle.

3 Confirmed: John Turturro to play infamous crime boss Carmine Falcone

Another familiar face of the Batman franchise has joined the cast once again with John Turturro playing the infamous crime boss Carmine Falcone. Fans previously saw Falcone played by Tom Wilkinson in 2005 The beginning of batman, but other than that small part, Falcone hasn’t been explored in too much detail on screen.

Perhaps Matt Reeves is planning to cast John Turturro, who is known for previous roles in Monk, Transformers, Y The big lebowski, a little more screen time in his version of Batman, but given the large cast, it seems like a small part could be booked once again.

two Rumor has it: Could viewers finally see the Earl of Owls in a Batman movie?

Riddle of Owls Court

An incredibly complex and dangerous group of villains that hasn’t really been seen on screen is The Earl of Owls, but Robert Pattinson’s Batman trilogy might be the perfect opportunity to introduce them. The rich and powerful underground society pulls the strings behind almost every crime in Gotham.

Given the detective story we can expect to see in the movie, it feels like Bruce Wayne and company. He could potentially run into them while uncovering corruption in Gotham. In fact, there was even a picture of an owl in the first Riddler riddle of the trailer. Could this be hinting at The Court of Owls?

1 Confirmed: Jayme Lawson is expected to play a completely unknown character named Bella Reál

Upcoming actress Jayme Lawson is entering the Batman universe as Bella Reál, who, in addition to being a mayoral candidate, fans know nothing about. Bella doesn’t exist in the comics, so this could be a new character created by Matt Reeves or, and perhaps even more exciting, she could be hiding her real alias as a future Batman villain.

Either way, we’re eager to see who he turns out to be, and we’re sure he’ll do a great job, especially given his performance in 2020. Parting armorand with her upcoming role as Michelle Obama in The First Lady.

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