Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag thrive on drama. Some fans of The Hills: New Beginnings love that they don’t like the famous and notorious reality TV couple.

The MTV reality series The Hills: New Beginnings premiered in 2019, bringing back favorites like Audrina Patridge, Brody Jenner, Spencer Pratt, and Heidi Montag, and we’re here to share information on Speidi’s most notable scandals. While the producers tried to increase the appeal of the show by adding Princess Laguna from the 2000s, The oc star Mischa Barton, the keyword that sent fans a chill was definitely “To explore.”

The pair were first introduced in the original iteration of The hills. To say that Speidi impressed viewers is an understatement. To this day, this reality TV couple is still being talked about. From crises to Heidi’s plastic surgeries, this famous couple, who wrecked the cast of season 2, is all about drama.

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Once folded “The poster children of everything that is wrong with the celebrity in this country” by Al Roker during a Today Interview, Speidi has definitely set the bar high for reality show entertainment. Thanks to Spencer’s burgeoning crystal business, cleverly named Pratt Daddy, Spencer and Heidi should be the celebrity couple with the cleanest aura. Maybe trolling on Twitter during every episode of The Hills: New Beginnings is it part of the process? It must be, as Heidi tends to do exactly this, saying her co-stars are boring, uninteresting, phony, and the list goes on. Of course, Spencer had to join the hate train, adding that The Hills: New Beginnings Season 2 has some of the worst moments it has seen in reality TV history. Spencer and Heidi have also said that they may not return for season 3.

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They spent $ 10 million in 2 years

Spencer and Heidi in The Hills

To pay for their lifestyle (they have a child and want another), they may be offering entertainment value primarily for the money. At least they are making money, right? An interview they did with former housewife Bethenny Frankel debunks that theory right away. “I gave my million dollar wardrobe to my broke friend who wanted to be a real estate agent in Beverly Hills” it’s just one of a long list of facts Spencer mentions to explain his more philanthropic side. This also explains how they managed to burn $ 10 million in 2 years, according to People.

Spencer got into a fight with his own sister

Spencer’s feud with his sister Stephanie Pratt continues. Spencer and Stephanie have been doing it for a decade, and the end is nowhere in sight. They used to fight over his closeness with Spencer’s nemesis, Lauren Conrad. However, the fight does not stop with people outside of their relationship, as they have had many scandals within their relationship.

Heidi requested legal separation

In 2010, Heidi Montag filed for legal separation for irreconcilable differences. Spencer followed up the claim some time later, saying that their marriage was fake the entire time and that they only did it for The hills. As if that wasn’t complicated enough, Spencer also went on to spread the word about a hidden sex video somewhere. The divorce was in the works when Spencer said she would be selling the sex tape for a fair price. The biggest plot twist in this romance is that, in September of that same year, they got back together, as if nothing bad had happened. Then a double plot twist came almost a year later, when the couple announced that no, the marriage wasn’t fake, but the divorce stunt definitely was. They renewed their vows on the show in 2019.

At least Spencer and Heidi have found a home in the realm of reality TV. Apart from The hills Y The Hills: New BeginningsThey have also appeared on other notable reality shows. This makes perfect sense as they give reality shows the kind of flavor you need. They have taken on villain roles to succeed in the industry. If it all becomes too much for the couple, there is always a Pratt Daddy to turn to to help eliminate negative energy.

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