The Office: 10 of the worst episodes, according to Reddit

After 201 episodes and nine seasons, The office has some of the best comic moments in the history of sitcoms. The actors worked wonderfully together and their connection offstage showed on screen. However, most fans can agree that once Michael Scott moved from Scranton to Colorado, The office he lost his heart.

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The fans have taken to Reddit to share his least favorite episodes of the series, which was more difficult than expected. As funny as Dwight is, as dry as Toby is, and as quirky as Michael is, not every episode stood out.

10 ‘Role of the Prince family’

Prince Family Paper episode in The Office

In season 5’s ‘Prince Family Paper’, David Wallace asks Michael to go on a secret mission to a local paper supplier, Prince Paper. Michael and Dwight had to take a list of their clients and hopefully try to turn them into Dunder Mifflin.

Meanwhile, at the office, the group was in a heated debate about Hilary Swank’s appearance. As diabolical as Michael was, this was not an episode that fans love to watch over and over again. According to Reddit, fell flat and was seen as “depressing […] how he sees Michael running a family without a business. “

9 ‘Employee transfer’

Michael, Holly and Darryl from The Office in a moving van

In season 5, Holly was suddenly transferred from Scranton to Nashua. Michael and Holly planned to do a long distance, but the trip to Nashua changed their minds. With the song “Life Is A Highway” playing repeatedly, Michael and Holly slowly realized what they were getting into, which made their non-verbal moments in the car uncomfortable.

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With Michael out of the office, Jim went to New York to have lunch with Pam and her brother. According to Reddit, this episode was generally “bad”.

8 ‘The farm’

When Dwight’s aunt, Shirley, passes away, Dwight has a funeral for her with her extended family. Viewers meet his cousins, his sister, and his nephew. They also got to see more of Dwight’s family traditions that were part of Dwight’s course.

Sadly, this episode failed for fans. As comical as Dwight’s quotes were when describing his aunt, the whole episode as a whole wasn’t as engaging as the others.

7 ‘Gettysburg’

With The office Being a workplace comedy, most scenes are shot in Dunder Mifflin Scranton or a related business setting. In season 8, however, Andy brings the office to Gettysburg for inspiration from the battle for work. But it seems that Andy’s idea fell through.

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A fan He noted that the characters were “divided into strange groups” and it was not as entertaining as it could have been. As there were not many “funny moments” either, this episode was not at the top of the fan charts.

6 ‘The banker’

The banker introduces himself to Dunder Mifflin at The Office

In ‘The Banker’, an investment banker goes to the Scranton branch to keep an eye on things and see how the branch has fared. Michael did his best to cover up his past failures and forced Dwight to act as Toby and hired a younger man to replace Stanley.

Michael wasn’t the best Dunder Mifflin employee, but he did his best in his own way and wanted to make a good impression. What followed was a walk down memory lane for viewers, but some saw it as a “filler episode” and not one of substance.

5 ‘The inner circle’

Episode 'The Inner Circle' In The Office - Deangelo Has A Secret Meeting

The ‘Inner Circle’ was the first episode that did not have Michael Scott since he moved with Holly to Colorado. Viewers didn’t know what to expect from The office without Micahel and it was an unpopular opinion to want him to leave.

With Deangelo Vickers as the new Regional Manager, he created an “inner circle” with some of his favorite employees. The favoritism excited those who worked and showed sexism in various ways. Due to the absence of Michael and Deangelo as a character, this episode was not liked by fans.

4 Scott s All ‘

The Office Season 6 Episode of Scott's Tots

Fans They are divided into ‘Scott’s Tots’. Some loved the brilliance of how uncomfortable it was, while others found it too embarrassing. In many ways, Michael was a low key villain in this episode because while he promised a classroom full of students that he would pay for college tuition, he was never able to make that promise. Michael sat in fear and agony as the students performed for him in gratitude, which made it an awkward episode.

3 ‘Chair model’

Michael Scott showing a chair model in an Office magazine

When Michael had time to recover from his breakup with Jan, he tells the office that he’s ready to have his heart broken again and begs his colleagues to put him up with singles they know. His mood changes when he finds the perfect woman (aka Chair Girl) in a catalog of chairs.

He and Dwight go on a futile search trying to find the model in the catalog, which some felt He failed after all the shenanigans that happened at the ‘Dinner’.

two ‘Get the girl’

Andy and Erin Office

Andy knew he made a mistake with Erin when she decided to stay in Florida instead of returning to Scranton. Knowing that he had to get her back, he quit his job for a road trip to Florida.

While Andy was in the car, Nellie drove to the Scranton branch and tried to take Andy’s job. Between Nellie “proclaiming herself the boss” and Robert California’s negligence, this was one of the worst episodes for fans.

1 ‘Welcome party’

The magician arguing in the office of The Office

When Nellie is late for work one day, Robert California thinks it’s time to make Nellie feel more at home in Scranton. Now it was the office’s duty to organize a party for her, although no one wanted her. Meanwhile, Jim and Dwight were helping Nellie move her things into her apartment while Pam was on a mission to make Nellie’s party more enjoyable than it started. Between the random magician and Nellie’s character, not many liked this episode.

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