The saddest character deaths in Mass Effect

The stakes are high in the Mass Effect series – many characters can die throughout the trilogy. Here are some of the hardest hit.

Given the emphasis placed on the freedom of the player and the consequences in the Massive effect series, it should come as no surprise to learn that it is possible for many characters in the series to die. Some of these are pre-planned rhythms of history, almost entirely unavoidable. Others only occur as a direct result of the players’ decisions. Although there are quite a few notable deaths throughout the franchise, there are some that stand out more than others when it comes to the emotional factor.

[Warning – Spoilers ahead for the Mass Effect trilogy.]

From the beginning Mass effect 1 presents players with a world in which character deaths carry real weight. Nihlus, the Turian Specter stationed briefly in Normandy to assess Commander Shepard, is killed in the game’s first mission, and his death helps fuel Normandy’s pursuit of Saren. Later, the mission on the planet Virmire brings even more to the table: Wrex and Kirrahe are capable of being killed if players aren’t prepared enough to save them, and Mass Effect’s Kaidan or Ashley must be abandoned at the end of the mission.

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Mass effect 2 takes this to new levels. The conclusion of the game comes in the form of a suicide mission in which he is able to have almost all the accompanying characters, and even most of the Normandy crew, die during the assault on the Collector base. On the other hand, it is also possible to save everyone with proper preparation. The same cannot be said for many other major character deaths in the series, some of which are incredibly difficult or absolutely impossible to prevent.

Mass Effect’s Saddest Death – Thane

What sets Thane’s death apart from most other victims in the franchise is the fact that players are warned about it well in advance. Since its first appearance in Mass effect 2, Shepard learns that Thane is terminally ill and that the time he spends as a crewmate aboard the Normandy is partly to make the most of his remaining months. The fact that he is so well organized makes it all the more tragic to witness his redemption, reconciliation with his son, and the final hours later in Mass effect 3.

Mass Effect’s Saddest Death – Legion

Mass Effect's saddest character dies at Legion Rannoch Geth

The Massive effect The series repeatedly demonstrates how players can invest in non-human characters, and Legion is a prime example. He is the only geth companion in the trilogy, and his desire to understand and form links with organic species quickly elevated him to fan-favorite status despite his relatively minor role in Mass effect 2. His final moments are those of self-sacrifice, giving the Massive effect antagonists true sensitivity and independence, provided Shepard allows it, of course.

Mass Effect’s Saddest Death – Mordin

Mass Effect's saddest character dies to Mordin Genophage

Mordin’s character development and personal growth is possibly the most remarkable of the Massive effect classmates. Previously, it played an important role in modifying the krogan genophagy to prevent it from becoming obsolete. Your loyalty mission later in Mass effect 2 she watched him grapple with the moral weight of what he had deemed a necessary action. For Mass effect 3, is solely dedicated to curing the krogan genophagy once and for all, and his sincere bond with Shepard and Eve makes it painful to watch when his efforts end in self-sacrifice.

Mass Effect’s Saddest Death – Anderson

The saddest Mass Effect character dies Anderson ME3

Anderson is one of Shepard’s most loyal fans in the world. Massive effect trilogy, and at the end of Mass effect 3 Their relationship has developed to the point where Anderson could be considered a father figure. The fact that his death is inevitable is painful enough, but the last talk he shares with Shepard and his last words can make it even harder to follow. This is compounded by the fact that in most Mass effect 3 end, Shepard doesn’t even survive. However, thanks to the Extended cut that is included in Mass Effect Legendary Edition – just like him Mass effect 4 2020 Breakthrough Preview: There is a growing possibility that this outcome is not set in stone.

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