The Vampire Diaries: 8 Unpopular Opinions On Elijah

Elijah Mikaelson was one of the most complex characters in The Vampire Diaries. Fans loved his calm and collected demeanor, which he maintained even while ripping hearts out or beheading those who betrayed him. It was dangerous, but noble; a villain and yet a protector, making him a unique mix.

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Due to the many aspects of his personality, fans have different opinions on Elijah, especially on Reddit. Some only see the calculating monster brutally executing people without even flinching, while others choose to see the man who lives by code and tries to be honorable.

8 He was manipulative

In a discussion of unpopular views on The vampire diaries, one Reddit Username He commented that Elijah was one of the most manipulative characters. They went on to explain that he posed as an honorable man who stayed true to his word, when instead he was cold and calculating, often biding his time before retaliating.

For the most part, Elijah was portrayed as the noble Original, though he questioned it at times. But, he was naive and often was a victim of manipulation at the hands of various people, such as Katherine and Elena primarily for his compassion and loyalty, rather than being the manipulator himself.

7 He was annoying

Elijah looks at someone in front of him

Most of the threads in Reddit commenting on Elijah point out you’re a fan favorite who didn’t get enough screen time. He had an air of sophistication that made him attractive to the audience, regardless of the heinous things he was doing at the time. He also had an interesting dynamic with Klaus.

However, one Reddit Username He commented that he was upset, pointing out his grudge against Katherine and how she escaped from Klaus’ clutches when he wanted to sacrifice her. The Originals were a complicated bunch, especially during their first appearance in The Vampire Diaries. While Elijah had his flaws and moments where his behavior was questionable and downright alarming, he was the best of the bunch most of the time, morally speaking.

6 He and Elena weren’t fit for shipping

Elijah and Elena standing in a doorway in The Vampire Diaries

Elena and Elijah developed a friendship that most fans enjoyed. She was drawn to his moral values ​​and he remembered all the good things he loved about being human when he was around her. Some fans sent Elijah and Elena together in The vampire diaries and they felt they had more chemistry than Elena and either the Salvatore brothers or Elijah and Katherine.

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One fan disagreed in comments about a Reddit thread, stating that although they worked well together as friends, there was not enough chemistry between them to work as a couple. Most of the comments in the same thread had an opposite point of view, making the first one unpopular. Elijah and Elena cared for each other and the chemistry was certainly present, but being on opposite sides of the fight between everyone else and Klaus and the other Mikaelsons was one of the many things that would have made the relationship between them difficult.

5 His character was better in the originals

The popularity of the originals in The vampire diaries led to a spinoff show named after him that focuses on their lives in New Orleans. When comparing the two shows, a fan commented on Reddit that Elijah was nicer in The originals than I was in the parenting program.

On The vampire diaries, Elijah and the rest of the originals were antagonists and mostly acted as villains, while playing a less vile role in the spin-off. As a result, his liking it more in the spin-off is certainly understandable. However, this opinion is not very popular because most of the fans of Redditincluding those in this thread share the opinion that it was much better at The vampire diaries and his character worsened in The originals.

4 He and Klaus were more interesting than the Salvatores

Split image of Elijah with Klaus and Damon with Stefan in The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Damon’s brotherly relationship evolved quite a bit over the show’s eight seasons. It started out as a strained relationship, with the two of them barely able to tolerate each other and committed to making each other miserable. Over time, they grew closer and became true brothers. Elijah and Klaus had a similar relationship as the former planned to kill his brother when he first arrived on the show, but then they started taking care of each other and acting like a royal family.

TO Reddit The user commented that they preferred Klaus and Elijah to the Salvatore brothers as they were more interesting. Like two of the main characters, liking Damon and Stefan was almost mandatory, but their story dragged on to stretch across the seasons to the point of being frustrating. From the time of Klaus and Elijah onwards The vampire diaries limited to a few seasons, its story was packed into a shorter, more cohesive story that wasn’t that complicated but was much more fun and dramatic to watch.

3 He and Hayley didn’t make sense

Hayley and Elijah together in The Originals

In other Reddit thread, one user commented that he didn’t like his relationship with Hayley. Although both characters were introduced in The vampire diaries, their relationship only developed in The originals.

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For some fans, the pair felt strange and forced due to Hayley’s history with Klaus. Those who he liked Elijah and Hayley together in The vampire diaries Universe I felt that having so many things against them being together made the relationship interesting and better displayed their undeniable chemistry.

two He was not a good boy

From the moment it was introduced The vampire diaries, Elijah showed his vicious side, ripping hearts out without a second thought and decapitating with a wave of his hand. He has never claimed to be good and disputes the fact that he is the noble Original. However, part of the audience still found him nice and saw him as a good guy. A fan on Reddit He disputed this, stating all the reasons why he was not a good guy.

In a show full of vampires, werewolves, witches and many more, the bar for being “good” is very low. Elijah might not fit the conventional mold of being good, but he had some qualities that didn’t make him all bad, such as his loyalty to his family and his mission to help Klaus find redemption.

1 It was the best original

Split image of Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah

As fans shared their unpopular views on The vampire diaries, a fan commented on Reddit that Elijah was the best original. Without much context, it is not immediately clear why this would be an unpopular opinion. After all, of all the Mikaelsons, Elijah was one of the most likable due to his moral code, although this was not without its flaws.

However, without playing “best original” in the sense of more composed or honorable, Elijah ranks second after Klaus, whom fans found most fascinating and a low-key hero in The vampire diaries despite their evil ways. Also, many posts about Reddit often called Elijah for being a hypocrite with Katherine and even with her siblings.

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