Twilight: Every Romeo and Juliet Reference Explained

Is there any truth to Twilight’s claim that New Moon is based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, or does the sequel change the plot too much for that?

Series creator Stephenie Meyer can claim that New Moon is based on Romeo juliet, but how much does the second cost Twilight Does the novel (and the film adaptation) really look like Shakespeare’s play? Launched in 2008, Twilight It was the first in a series of successful teen fantasy romance films based on the novel series of the same name by author Stephenie Meyer. The Twilight the films did well with audiences, but suffered in terms of critical reception. First sequel of 2009, New Moon, was singled out as the least praised of all.

The reasons for New MoonComparative critical failures are numerous. On the one hand, original Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke was not rehired for the sequel, and the follow-up film lacked her ability to substantiate the most absurd elements of the story with a stylized and moody tone. On the other, the uneven tone of the story made New Moon too dark and too humorous at different points in the story.

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However, it wasn’t all the fault of the filmmakers here. According to Stephenie Meyer, the second Twilight novel (and later film) New Moon was based on the famous Shakespeare play, Romeo juliet. However, that story ended with the death of his eponymous hero and heroine due to a tragic misunderstanding, while Meyer Twilight series did not end with any of its central characters in New Moon. With Bella and Edward back just a year later for the next Twilight payment, the still underrated Eclipse, this led viewers to the inevitable question of what exactly Meyer’s story borrowed from Shakespeare, and where exactly the comparisons end.

Twilight Romeo and Juliet’s influence explained

According to Meyers, Romeo juliet, With wuthering heights, it was one of the classics that the original Twilight on which the novels were based. Meyers said that New Moon was inspired by Shakespeare’s play, while the next sequel Eclipse he took his love triangle story from Bronte’s novel, but the comparison is harder to see in the first case. Bella refers to Edward as her Romeo in her narration numerous times throughout the series, but in terms of story, Shakespeare’s biggest loan in New Moon It is the subplot of the Volturi. Unlike Twiighit is wuthering heights influence, however, this reference changes the context a lot and is not as similar to the source work. That said, to be fair to Meyer’s claims, the way Bella and Edward immediately fall in love upon meeting is arguably similar to Shakespeare’s classic doomed romance story.

How the new moon borrows from Romeo and Juliet

Twilight New Moon Volturi Felix Edward Cullen

The warring factions of ancient werewolves and vampires dividing Forks (and Bella’s allegiance) into New Moon I owe an obvious debt to the two families fighting in Romeo juliet, the Montagues and the Capulets. However, it is important to note that werewolves are not Bella’s family, so the comparison is not perfect as they have no claim on her and they do not have a leg to lean on to tell her not to be with. Edward. The Quileute tribe welcomes Bella to their community in New Moon but it is Edward who distances himself from her beforehand, whereas in Shakespeare’s story the family forbids Juliet from seeing Romeo. However, the fact that Edward believes that Bella has committed suicide and chooses to do the same by visiting the Volturi is based directly on Shakespeare’s ending, although Meyers chooses to change the way this denouement unfolds to make the story more a little less tragic and much more. more friendly with the aftermath.

How the new moon changes Shakespeare’s story

Twilight New Moon Alice Cullen

Since there were two more stories to film later New Moon, the second Twilight The movie ends with neither lover dead instead of both. Thanks to a classic Twilight Plot hole courtesy of Alice Cullen, Bella manages to intervene in time, unlike Shakespeare’s tragic heroine. However, this new happy ending is not the only detail in which Meyers changes Romeo juliet‘sending. The fact that Edward attempts suicide through the authority of a vampire rather than accidentally killing a Tybalt understudy means that the plot differs greatly from the play it was supposedly inspired by. For the two stories to be similar, Edward would need to kill a character like Jacob Black or another of the werewolves, and Bella would have to be one of the werewolves herself rather than just a close friend of theirs. Alternatively, New Moon I could have followed the lead of Paramount’s cancellation Twilight adaptation and killed Bella’s father Charlie, as although Juliet’s father does not die in Shakespeare’s play, he is one of the most important characters to stand between the hapless young lovers and make sure they never end up happily ever after.

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Why the New Moon Changes Ruined the Movie

Twilight new moon edward cullen volterra

While Shakespeare remains one of the most influential writers out there, creators have been altering, parodying, retelling, and subverting his stories for centuries. As such, it should come as no surprise that Twilight‘s New Moon changes Romeo juliet as much as it sticks to the script, which means that many fans could reasonably why it is important that the film and novel choose to mess with the original work. The answer is that while changing Shakespeare’s text is pretty standard for modern adaptations, New MoonThe changes undermine the story of the narrative drive. The biggest change between the original Twilight movie and New Moon It’s the lack of significant emotional and physical implications for the main character’s stories, and viewers know that Edward would survive his encounter with the Volturi and Bella would reunite with him due to the saga having two other sequels to suit.

Making Bella friends with the werewolves (as opposed to a member of them, like Romeo julietfamilies at war), New Moon lessens the emotional impact of her choice to pursue Edward on her loyalty to them. Similarly, by ensuring that Edward survives his suicide attempt, New Moon guaranteed that the impact of the play’s famous brutal ending was softened and toothless, leaving viewers with a non-story in which no one of importance was hurt or hurt. Eclipse features a bloody climactic battle and even the original TwilightThe villain James kills numerous characters throughout the action of the film, while New Moon he chooses to remove the harshest elements of Shakespeare’s story, but does not replace them with anything that affects or impacts. As a result, change Romeo juliethistory made New Moon the most criticized Twilight movie.

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