Why Piers is the best Pokémon Sword & Shield NPC

Pokémon Sword & Shield has created a Pokémon journey that has a stronger narrative and places more importance on NPCs like Dark Gym Leader Piers.

The importance of NPCs in Pokémon sword and shield it’s a huge difference from previous games in the series. Previously, the most influential NPCs included in a game’s narrative were the player’s rivals and the opposing team causing trouble in the region. In more recent games, however, the Pokemon The series has given the NPCs bigger personalities and roles in the narrative. On Sword and shield, the player works alongside numerous NPCs while traveling through Galar, and none play as big a role as the Dark-type Gym Leader Piers.

Piers is a musician and the seventh gym leader players take on when working in the Galar League. It specializes in Dark-type Pokémon and is the first Dark-type Gym Leader in the Pokemon game series. Springs Give a touchMon The gym battle is unique in that his gym in Spikemuth is not in a stadium and does not possess a power point, preventing players from entering Dynamax or Gigantamaxing during battle. To add to this, he is also the leader of the rowdy red herring antagonist group Team Yell, which he created to act as a cheerleading squad for his little sister Marnie when she took on the challenge of the Galar League.

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Piers introduces a number of changes in the way gym leaders interact with the narrative of a Pokemon play. The first is that Piers is not still a gym leader. After the player defeats Piers, he approaches Marnie and announces that he wants her to take his place as Spikemuth’s gym leader. She initially refuses, stating that she cannot be her replacement if she becomes Champion. However, after losing to the player, he returns to Spikemuth and relieves Piers, who is then free to travel as a coach and pursue his successful career as a musician. This narrative choice gives players insight into what happens to gym leaders when they choose to retire from their positions.

Pokémon Sword And Shield recovers Piers after the Championship Cup

Piers Pokemon Sword & Shield Cover

Piers also plays an important role in the post-game narrative involving Sordward and Shielbert. After the Galar Championship Cup, after the player has become Sword and shield Champion of Galar, the player can team up with Hop to return the Rusty Sword and Rusty Shield to the sleeping Weald. In doing so, the player will face off against Sordward and Shielbert, who steal one of the relics before running off to cause trouble at Gym Stadiums across the region. To help take out the brothers, Piers teams up with Hop and the player, giving fans of the grumpy Ex-Gym Leader the ability to fight together as a team. This content in Sword and shield allows fans to develop new relationships with NPCs and potentially opens the door for deeper NPC involvement in future games.

Piers’ character is an important step forward in the long run. Pokemon game franchise. His involvement in the narrative as the leader of Team Yell, as a gym leader, and as an influential part of the story line shows (hopefully) a desire on the part of developer Game Freak to create a more character-driven story. While previous champions and rival characters have always played at least a minor role in the progress of the story, the inclusion of other NPC characters provides a narratively richer experience. It is these changes that help Pokemon games like Pokémon sword and shield still relevant after 25 years of similar storylines and mechanics.

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