DC Comics has just shown that they seriously underestimate the importance of Supergirl in the DC universe compared to other popular characters like Superman.

Supergirl he has always been in the shadow of his more popular cousin, Superman. Now, writer Tom King has presented some very interesting information on how DC Comics perceives its value. It is well known that Supergirl has often been unappreciated due to being overshadowed. “Twice as good and second best“is the perfect phrase to sum up what Supergirl looks like. If Supergirl were the first, it is likely that Superman would not have been as popular and maybe he would be the second best. However, that is not how the story happened.

Even the comics have acknowledged that Supergirl is underrated. The best example is in Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman where Supergirl leaves Earth. The reason for her departure is to get away from Superman and his family so that she can find new meaning in a different place. Ultimately, Supergirl’s plan works and she is celebrated as a hero in her own right. Like any character, Supergirl should not be defined by Superman, as she is her own person and heroine.

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In an interview with ComicBook.com, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Writer Tom King revealed how DC Comics dealt with the idea for a new Supergirl series. In the article, King explains how he does many series of twelve numbers. Therefore, when assigned with Supergirl, King expected to follow his normal routine as seen in series like View Y Miracle. To his surprise, DC came back with a big resounding no to the idea of ​​doing a twelve-issue Supergirl series. Apparently, the publisher rejected King’s normal count of problems, stating, “Supergirl can’t handle 12 issues.” Given this idea, it’s clear that DC Comics has no faith in Supergirl.

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Supergirl’s popularity is very high thanks to Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl on The CW. Obviously, TV and comic book sales don’t always line up, but DC’s nonexistent faith in Supergirl is strange. They are likely still haunted by previous Supergirl series numbers. However, that doesn’t excuse her cheeky reaction by saying that a twelve-issue Supergirl series is going to fail, for sure. The DC Comics sentiments here will be a huge disappointment to Supergirl fans who now realize that their favorite character is not valued at all by the very people who created her.

However, the light that shines in the dark is Tom King’s commitment to the new series. King hopes that Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow It’s a hit so the next writer who wants to do Supergirl will get a resounding “yes, you can do as many edits as you want” from DC. Hearing this, Supergirl fans are sure to rush in and support the new series that just debuted at number one a couple of weeks ago. Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow # 2 It will be available in comic book stores and on digital platforms on July 21.

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