World of Warcraft: How to Unlock the Smoking Ember Wyrm Mount

World of Warcraft offers all kinds of drake mounts, like Smoldering Ember Wyrm, for players to unlock with side quests and activities.

There are many different types of mounts that players can unlock throughout their game of World of warcraft, but the ability to unlock the Smoking Ember Wyrm was intentionally hidden from players. This Fire Skeleton Dragon Mount is a downfall from the Nightbane boss. However, players must follow a very specific checklist to obtain it.

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First of all, players will need to know a thing or two about Smoldering Ember Wyrm. It is a mount that players can pick up between levels one and 60, but requires the player to be an apprentice rider. It came with patch and is not exclusive to the Alliance or the Horde.

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Unlocking the Smoky Ember Wyrm Mount in World of Warcraft

This race to get to Nightbane is timed, so players will need to be careful and manage their time well. Following the checklist below will help you get to the end and collect the Smoking Ember Wyrm. Here’s how to complete this urgent mission.

Upon entering Karazhan and opening the door, players will receive a haunting message: “The strange chill of a dark presence runs through the air.” From this point, players will have eight minutes to grab the first crystal. However, to obtain the first crystal, players must arrive and kill Opera before the eight minutes are up.

After defeating Opera, grab the first of the Soul Fragments in the Opera audience. All of the following Soul Shards taken will grant players a bit more time to defeat Nightbane. Once the first crystal is found, players will gain the Echo of Medivh buff. This buff will grant the player six minutes to reach the end. From here, the crystals will also be added to the player’s timer.

The second soul fragment is just before players reach the Maiden, who does not need to be defeated. After killing Morose, players should find the third one. Four is in the spider room before reaching the portal of the stairs. If players have time, the last soul fragment can be found in Nightbane’s room after defeating the healer.

Once the player has grabbed the last crystal, its buff will change to Presence of Medivh. This will give the player five minutes to talk to Medivh and summon Nightbane. After talking to Medivh, players will receive the A Night in Karazhan achievement. The cutscene will play to summon Nightbane before players can fight him. Defeating him will grant the player the Wyrm of Smoking Embers. However, if players ever get the message, “The air is getting a little warmer,” they will have run out of time and will need to reload the dungeon.

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World of warcraft it is available on PC, Mac OS Classic, and Mac OS.

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