20th Century Fox’s X-Men live action movies had plenty of epic moments that fans loved. They have also earned some of the biggest hates ever leveled against comic book movies through a series of underwhelming scenes and character performances.

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With such a long lifespan and so much talent working on the film series over the years, these moments of satisfaction and disappointment are spread quite evenly throughout the franchise. Each has stood the test of time for being exceptionally good or bad thanks to a number of different reasons.

10 Most disappointing: Professor X’s first death (X-Men: The Last Stand)

Professor X confronts the Phoenix at Jean's old house in X-Men: The Last Stand

The deaths of important characters are important to get right in superhero stories. Even the most seemingly insignificant characters from comic book movies can become the fan favorites and Professor X, of all the people in a X Men movie, he deserved so much more than he got in The last battle.

Although it would be far from the last time that the public would see Professor Xavier or Patrick Stewart playing him, the death of the character in the third live film. X Men The movie was abrupt and unsatisfying. He is totally overpowered by the Phoenix and disintegrated, leaving the rest of the team reeling to death. It might have been an interesting idea to explore, as it eliminated the mentor from the super team in his darkest hour. But no one really comes up to occupy his shoes and Charles returns fairly quickly in a post-credits scene.

9 Most satisfying: Magneto lifts the submarine (X-Men: First Class)

Magneto lifts the submarine out of the water in X-Men First Class

X Men First generation it’s really Magneto’s movie, in many ways. Not only is his backstory one of the most famous in the X-Men comics, but Michael Fassbender’s multi-lingual performance is one of the best in the film. It is very satisfying, therefore, to see the character really harness his incredible powers.

The big moment of the entire movie comes when Magneto pulls the villain’s sub out of the water to drop it on a nearby beach. However, you can only do this if you follow Charles Xavier’s advice to harness your emotional side to amplify your powers of magnetic manipulation. It produces a moment of triumph not only for the character and his development, but also for the development of his important relationship with Charles.

8 Most disappointing: Deadpool’s original debut (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds became the actor behind one of the most beloved performances in comic book history when he played Deadpool in the character’s first standalone film in 2016. But this wasn’t the first time Reynolds had appeared on screen. like the character and his debut. received with much less enthusiasm from fans.

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The Deadpool of X-Men Origins: Wolverine attempted to make a joke about the character’s reputation for his talkative nature by literally removing his mouth and turning him into a robotic killing machine with retractable swords, among many other powers. This version of the character was a bunch of things the fans didn’t want and none of the things they did. No wonder why dead Pool The movies would treat this version of the character as harshly as Reynolds’ version of Green Lantern in the movie jokes.

7 Most Satisfying: Deadpool’s Opening Credits (Deadpool)

After the great disappointment of Deadpool’s first live-action movie appearance on X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans were understandably eager to find out what the character’s first solo film would look like, with the same actor. Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint and the laughs started early on in the hilarious opening credits.

Making fun of the idea of ​​opening credits in general, the introduction to dead Pool has a ton of meta-jokes and hilarious commentary for the cast and crew, and it also successfully establishes the film’s comically graphic style of violence early on.

6 Most Disappointing: Juggernaut’s First Try (X-Men: The Last Stand)

Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand

Juggernaut is another beloved Marvel Comics character who made a less-than-stellar debut in live-action movies. He was portrayed by Vinnie Jones in The last battle And as well as being as underutilized as many other major characters in that film, the performance simply failed to capture the intimidating nature of the unstoppable mutant. The actor himself would even open up about how hugely disappointed he was with the result many years later.

Playing with the redeeming quality of the first dead Pool movie, Deadpool 2 had another chance in character with much better results, but the Last Stand The version remains a sorry emblem of the franchise’s lowest ebb.

5 Most satisfying: Magneto flips the coin (X-Men: First Class)

Magneto holding the coin in X-Men First Class

Another great moment in X Men First generation which shows what Magneto’s movie is really like It’s when the character takes a turn for villainy after the great emotional release of the underwater uprising scene.

Having incapacitated the villain with the help of Charles Xavier, Magneto brings the full circle of the film to the beginning where his mother was killed by the villain to motivate a young Magneto to use his powers to move a coin. Magneto carries the coin with him as a token of his quest for revenge, then repeats the villain’s original instructions before using his highly developed powers to move the coin through the villain’s head. It is a cold death that is totally deserved and unforgettable to watch.

4 Most disappointing: the death of Mystique (Dark Phoenix)

X-Men Dark Phoenix Trailer Jean Kills Mystique

After sticking with the franchise through thick and thin throughout her modern career, escaping certain death many times, Jennifer Lawrence had earned herself a far more shocking exit from the film series than she did in. Dark fenix.

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His fan-favorite character, Mystique, was accidentally killed by Jean Gray in an emotional moment and he’s too abrupt to adjust properly, and Lawrence has very little to do in the movie before it happens. It’s also one of those great cinematic moments that was spoiled by the movie’s own promotional footage, further blunting its lead.

3 Most Satisfying: Quicksilver’s Kitchen Scene (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Quicksilver running on the wall in the kitchen scene in X-Men Days of Future Past

With Days of future pastX-Men movies again set trends within the genre and the movie’s highlight, of many, was when Quicksilver showed the extent of his powers in a hyper-slow motion sequence.

Saving Wolverine and Charles Xavier as they attempt to get Magneto out of his prison cell below the Pentagon, Quicksilver casually makes his way through the kitchen where the heroes have been cornered to easily disrupt the hail of bullets flying through the air, tying everything around him. the appropriate theme. song “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce.

two Most disappointing: Storm’s strange phrase (X-Men)

Bright-eyed Storm in X-Men (2000)

There are few things better than an epic pay line in an action movie, if done right, sure. Storm’s big moment during the ending of the original X Men The movie quickly stood out to movie fans as a strangely unsatisfying joke that has stood the test of time for all the wrong reasons.

Facing the classic villain Toad, Storm has the mutant in the rear and increases anticipation with the question “Do you know what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning?” Only for her to answer her own question with the flatly disappointing line “Same thing that happens to everything else.”

1 Most satisfying: Logan says goodbye to Laura (Logan)

Logan It worked as a great send-off for Hugh Jackman’s version of Wolverine as he took the film series into new territory, with calmer emotional moments balancing out the more ingrained action scenes. Jackman’s final farewell scene sees him bloodied and dying as he tries to tell his daughter all the things she should have before the last of her strength fades.

It’s a heartbreaking moment, but one that the movies had built seamlessly with the closed character showing honest vulnerability and no last minute deus ex machina moments to spoil it.

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