10 Best Pixar Quotes, Ranked

In a weird way, Pixar is like Disney’s close brother. While his animated masterpieces are as beloved as Mouse House, his stories are more emotional and his messages more complex. Every fan has their favorite emotional moment, but nowhere does that true strength reside better than in Studio’s writing.

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Almost every Pixar movie has a line or moment that viewers will never forget. Whether it’s a funny joke, a clever line, or something deep and mature uttered by an animated character, there is no shortage of golden quotes from this animation giant.

10 “Take her to the moon for me, Joy” (Inside Out)

Bing bong fade

For one thing, this is probably one of the saddest moments Pixar has ever animated. On the other, it shows that, like Disney, Pixar has no mercy when it comes to killing beloved characters. Joking aside, Bing-Bong’s final moments are marked with one unforgettable last word.

The Bing-Bong starting line will forever remain with anyone who has ever loved someone. Most only want the best for the people they appreciate, and an elephant made from cotton candy has certainly proven to be no exception.

9 “If you let an ant confront you, then everyone could get up” (The life of an insect)

Sometimes it’s scary to see how much art mimics life, and this line from Hopper essentially sums up any oppressive form of government or power. What’s even more daunting is that the phrase carries even more weight today than it did in the 90s.

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For Grasshoppers, this is a dire warning. For the spectators / the ant colony, it is a call to action against any overwhelming and corrupting threat. Sometimes a kick in the pants is the best course of action for motivation and inspiration. Plus, watching baddies take a leap never goes out of style.

8 “In a search, the clear path is never the right one.” (Go ahead)

Chris Pratt voices Barley onwards

It might not sound like it, but one of the things fans admire Barley for is his honesty and his real bombshell. There are tons of quotes that dance around this message, but Barley’s frankness and geeky presentation definitely deserve points for its originality. He definitely looks like a guy who took the road less traveled.

He may be lost in his own fantasy world, but he does well with his brother, Ian. The lovable big jerk is wiser than he looks and certainly knows how to tell the truth.

7 “I don’t want to survive, I want to live” (Wall-E)

Half a nugget of wisdom, half a single line, but all unforgettable, this phrase from the Captain of the Axiom in Wall-E it should ring true with almost every human being out there. There is a difference between experiencing life and simply existing in it, and this quote essentially hits the spot.

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Most people have gone through a period of time where they are simply following the motions or feeling like they are going nowhere. This line is a reminder that they can do more than go from A to B, day after day. All they need is a push in the right direction.

6 “I killed a man with this thumb” (Ratatouille)

Horst threatens the viewer with his thumb.

Some lines are memorable, but not all will be accurate quotes. Take this beauty from Horst of Gusteau’s kitchen, for example. As the late Chef Gusteau once said, anyone can cook. That maxim clearly resonated so much with the ex-con that he ended up working in one of the best restaurants in Paris.

It’s not the fact that the ex-con basically lists what could be construed as a list of his felonies, but it’s the sudden and abrupt absurdity of the last line that makes fans laugh. However, it might be unlikely to kill a man with just one thumb, but it would be wiser to believe Horst in this case.

5 “Honey, where is my super suit?” (The Incredibles)

It has been repeated, reworked, memed, and even uttered by Sonic the Hedgehog. Having been used years and years after the original. Incredible movie, there really is something to be said for the longevity of Frozone’s famous and iconic line. So it’s no wonder it has earned so much favor among fans.

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It’s just one of those great movie quotes that everyone can take at parties or in friendly company. It keeps its place of honor simply because it is fun. And that has never been a problem for Pixar before.

4 “The adventure is there” (above)

Ellie Fredricksen in Up

Short, sweet, and to the point, this Pixar-strewn call to adventure Above it’s easily a solid entry point for top-notch Disney material. It’s pretty much the motto of the movie and has been featured on products, posters, park materials, and college dorm walls for years.

Ellie inspires Carl to leave his grim life behind, and then his grief at the base of Paradise Falls, so this line has no doubt continued to inspire many to create their own adventures. And no flying houses or balloons are required.

3 “Return that thing where it came from or help me” (Monsters Inc.)

There have been a lot of silly lines in Pixar movies, but there is something about this one that stands out. It’s another line that has found new life through memes and humor, but only keeps it in the collective consciousness of Disney / Pixar fans everywhere.

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It is a perfect exclamation for feelings of disgust and shock, an expression of surprise, and a large improvised musical number. Although, fans may not see a theatrical adaptation of Mike’s work any time soon.

two “You are a sad and strange little man” (Toy Story)

As one of the biggest insults in all of Pixar, this has to justify some kind of high recognition. It has been repeated in other media, but Buzz’s sharp line in the original Toy story. It wouldn’t be a surprise if almost every Pixar fan had targeted someone ridiculous with this famous ad.

It is considered one of the most unforgettable cinematic insults of all time and has even been uttered by other actors in other films. The line has practically become a moment in animation history and is simply a perfectly sharp comeback for any occasion.

1 “To infinity and beyond” (Toy Story)

Buzz Lightyear and Woody falling in style

If there is a line, quote or phrase that anyone can associate with the Pixar brand, it is “To infinity and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase has easily stood the test of time and has appeared in almost every Toy story nothing since.

From the aftermath of the Disney parks to the merchandise, there isn’t a soul who can’t identify this victory cry from everyone’s favorite Space Ranger. Simply put, it’s a piece of Pixar gold that is easily recognizable. Perfectly ideal for first place.

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