10 best Shadow and Bone quotes from Netflix

Most fans will agree that Shadow and bone it’s such a well crafted adaptation and the writing is a big reason why it’s so successful. The writers had a lot of source material to pull out, leading to many iconic quotes throughout the series.

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These quotes from the series really cover the general themes and tone of the show. While some of these characters don’t even interact, their lines can relate to the stories of others. Some of these quotes progress the romantic relationships of the characters and others show the truest colors of the characters. Overall, these are some of the best quotes in the series.

10 “I know. I would be surprised too. I’m fantastic.”

Young Bones and Shadows Kit as Jesper Fahey

Jesper tells Inej this when she might have a chance to escape Heleen and the Menagerie by not crossing back through the Fold. Jesper, being the good friend that he is, tries to lighten the mood with this line. While it is funny, he says it with tears in his eyes at the thought that he and Inej are not together.

It’s such a cool phrase that it really encompasses Jesper’s cheerful character. He cares for those closest to him and tries to hide his emotions and fears when things get more serious.

9 “I want you to be careful … with powerful men.”

Alina and Genya in Shadow and Bone

Genya and Alina grow closer when Alina is sent to the Little Palace after discovering her powers. Alina sees Genya as a friend with whom she can be vulnerable. When Genya says this line to Alina while approaching General Kirigan, it is clear that she is doing it as a warning.

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Genya’s experience with powerful men who mistreated her, including the king and the general, really makes this date shocking. It is also a warning that materializes when Alina discovers that General Kirigan is the Black Heretic.

8 “When our closest friend has problems, we do crazy things.”

Mal is willing to risk being labeled a First Army deserter to follow Alina. Dubrov and Mikhael convince him not to, but Dubrov is still confused as to why Mal would risk anything for Alina, as it seemed like he lied about who he was. In response, Mikhael says this quote.

Not only does he relate to Mal and Alina, but he is also clearly directed towards Kaz and his relationship with Inej. Kaz’s decision to put the Crow Club as a guarantee for Heleen is that he is clearly acting with his heart rather than his head. It’s a great quote that many fans can relate to, as worrying about someone can cloud judgment.

7 “The saints become martyrs before they become heroes.”

Sujaya Dasgupta as Zoya in Shadow and Bone

When Zoya leaves Alina, Mal and the Ravens, she gives this parting advice to Alina. It’s almost a warning to Alina, that while she has great power like Sun Summoner, there will surely be sacrifices to accompany her.

It’s a poignant line from the show that sets out what’s to come in season two. Now that Alina knows and embraces her full potential as a Sun Summoner, audiences can expect countless obstacles and dangers to come along.

6 “Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper. Just out of spite.”

Pekka Rollins torturing a man with a knife

When Pekka Rollins tries to warn Kaz about the job of getting the Sun Summoner, she tells Jesper this. It’s a quote that really encompasses Kaz’s attitude and character throughout the series. Jesper is not surprised that Kaz says this, as he would never back down out of fear.

While it may not be the wisest advice in real life, it’s important not to make decisions out of fear. This is something that fans and the rest of the characters on the series can definitely relate to.

5 “Cardinal North is an address on a map. True North is home … You have always been my true North, Mal.”

Shadow and Bone Alina

This quote is one of the most beautiful lines on the show. While Alina is alone without Mal, she begins to realize how much Mal is her home. Mal’s letter to Alina reflects the same feelings towards her in a later episode.

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It’s such a well-written and lovingly delivered line that it would be impossible for fans not to love it. It perfectly encompasses Alina’s emotions as she realizes that Mal is the one with whom she feels safest. Whether or not Alina sees Mal as more than a friend right now, it’s undeniable how much love she has for him on this date.

4 “I know what it means to be an outsider struggling to survive. And there is no excuse.”

Alina showing her power at the Shadow and Bone party.

When Alina realizes that Genya is a spy for General Kirigan, it is understandable that she feels hurt. Genya was one of his confidants and that trust was completely betrayed. Genya tries to defend her actions by saying that she wanted to change her life and that she was a stranger among Grisha. But Alina quickly closes that excuse with this line.

It’s such a shocking date given what Alina has gone through growing up. It really highlights that there is always a choice to do the right thing, regardless of the circumstances someone is given. Alina is the perfect example that the worst has been delivered to her, but without letting it change her morale.

3 “I’m so sorry it took me so long to see you, Alina. But I see you now.”

Mal and Alina at the army base in Shadow and Bone.

Since Mal and Alina have known each other since childhood, it obviously took them both by surprise when Alina turned out to be a Sun Summoner. Alina was concerned that Mal was afraid of her powers and obviously Mal needed time to adjust to her best friend was a mighty Grisha. However, this quote really shows how much Mal has grown up and how much he has accepted Alina for who she is.

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It’s such a heartfelt line and it’s clear it means a lot to Alina to hear. This moment, among others, after Mal finds and saves Alina, proves that their connection is much more than just best friends.

two “I’ll see you at The Meadow.”

Bad in the Shadow & Bone trailer

This quote is simple but very beautiful given the context. Mal says this to Alina when he thinks she is dying in the sand skiff after being attacked by Volkra. The meadow is where Alina and Mal ran and hid when they were in the orphanage as children. Knowing that when he thought he was in his last moments, that his peace would be him and Alina in the meadow, is so moving.

When Alina finds herself in a similar situation of being injured in the skiff in the ending, Mal tells her that she better not say that she will meet him in the meadow. It’s a cute callback that makes Alina smile, despite her circumstances. It is lovely to know that the two of you view their kids time and each other as their peace.

1 “Good. Make me your villain.”

Ben Barnes as General Kirigan The Darkling Netflix Shadow and Bone

This is one of the most memorable lines in the series. General Kirigan’s decision to take control of Alina’s powers and in turn control her is the final nail in the coffin for Alina to lose all faith in him. While trying to defend her actions as the best for Grisha, Alina makes it clear that they could have had so much more if she had treated her as an equal.

Kirigan says this line and accepts his fate as the villain in Alina’s story and so does the audience. Kirigan definitely has a troubled past, but it is evident that his revenge and resentment for those who are not Grisha dominates his entire judgment. Kirigan, by accepting his fate as a villain, will undoubtedly lead to some major changes in the show’s second season.

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