10 best Stephen Graham performances

Actor Stephen Graham is possibly one of the most low-key actors working in Britain today. His consistent performances have always earned high praise from both audiences and critics and he continues to work among some of the best actors in the area.

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Graham is currently starring in the new BBC drama series written by Jimmy McGovern. Hour, alongside her co-star Sean Bean. Once again, you can bring your wealth of experience to the role of Corrections Officer Eric McNally, a man forced to choose between his family and the law.

10 Snatch

Turk And Tommy Standing Side By Side In Snatch

In 2000, a fresh-faced Graham appeared alongside the likes of Jason Statham and Brad Pitt in Guy Ritchie’s crime comedy. Snatch. It was a complete supporting role that can certainly be attributed to his outstanding performance and one that made the 27-year-old actor take notice.

Graham played the goofy business partner of boxing promoter Turkish (played by Statham). It was a great supporting role for the young actor and helped pave the way for future projects. Even more impressive was his supposed Cockney accent, a world away from his normal Scouse accent.

9 New York Bands

Amsterdam and Shang standing side by side in Gangs of New York

In 2002, Graham landed a supporting role opposite Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day-Lewis in Martin Scorsese’s historical crime drama, New York Bands.

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Set in 1863, Graham played the role of Shang, and it was the first time the actor had participated in such a large production on this scale. Despite several production issues, involving bigger budgets and delays, Scorsese’s vision still managed to score big at the box office and was even nominated for 10 Academy Awards, despite not being able to pick up any on the night.

8 This is england


In 2006, screenwriter and director Shane Meadows followed up with his psychological thriller Dead man’s shoes with a semi-autobiographical account of her experiences growing up in the East Midlands. Stephen Graham was cast as Andrew “Combo” Gascoigne in the critically acclaimed British drama. This is england, a role that solidified him as a formidable acting force among his peers.

The story, about a group of young skinheads in England in the early 1980s, was a grim coming-of-age critique that was honest and resonated with audiences, so much so that it was followed by a trilogy of television miniseries. every two years. Each series followed the events of the original feature film and saw Graham return in each subsequent series, once again establishing his capacity for powerful performances.

7 Save me

Melon looks serious in Save Me

The Walking DeadLennie James wrote and starred in this stark Sky Atlantic drama series about Nelly, a man who is determined to locate his missing daughter from whom he is separated by doing whatever it takes to find her.

James has a great supporting cast around him here, including Snatch co-stars Jason Flemyng and, of course, Stephen Graham. Graham plays Nelly’s best friend, Melon, a convicted sex offender who is fighting his emotional battles with his past. It was a beautiful and understated performance from Graham, who manages to sympathize with his checkered past.

6 Fulfillment of your duty

Sergeant John Corbett surrounded by others in the line of duty

In 2019, Graham returned to the small screen as a guest star during season 5 of the hit BBC police corruption drama. Fulfillment of your duty.

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Graham plays undercover Detective Sergeant John Corbett, who infiltrates an organized crime group, a group that appears heavily throughout the series. Although the covert twist is not immediately revealed to the public, Graham does an outstanding job of keeping the public guessing what his true motives are.

5 Boardwalk empire

Al Capone pointing his gun at someone in Boardwalk Empire

The highly acclaimed HBO series Boardwalk empire, starring Steve Buscemi, ended its five-season run in 2014. It garnered a host of awards and was a critically acclaimed hit.

Martin Scorsese directed the show’s pilot episode and, thanks to his performance in The Scorsese-helmed New York bands, he was keen to cast Graham on the show as the younger version of the legendary American gangster Al Capone. His portrayal of a young and enthusiastic Capone was well handled by Graham, who has demonstrated his ability to portray terrifying, intense and almost unpredictable characters on numerous occasions.

4 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

A group of pirates look up in surprise in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

There is no question that Stephen Graham is an incredibly emotional and passionate actor. It’s what makes him a great performer and why he often appears in gritty dramas. However, its versatility also makes it particularly good at supporting comic roles.

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In the fourth installment of the huge success pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Graham took on the role of the rogue and cunning pirate Scrum. Here was a role in which Graham could further showcase his capabilities for comedy timing, just like he did in the aforementioned Snatch. A performance that helped him get a chance to reprise his role in the sequel. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

3 The virtues

Joseph talking and laughing with a child in The Virtues

The virtues Graham re-teamed with English filmmaker Shane Meadows. He and Graham had previously worked together on This is england, as well as the sequels to the series. The four-episode drama series centers on Joseph, who travels to Ireland to find his estranged sister, Anna, where he discovers a terrible memory of an incident he has since suppressed.

Graham plays the title role and is once again able to convey real dramatic emotion as his character grapples with a series of painful traumas to their shocking conclusion.

two Blue boy

DS Dave Kelly looking distraught in Little Boy Blue

Stephen Graham has never been afraid to take on roles that revolve around difficult topics. In 2017, he starred in the Jeff Pope miniseries. Blue boy, which was based on the real-life murder of young Rhys Jones.

The ITV drama series saw Graham playing the role of Merseyside Police DS Dave Kelly, who was involved in the investigation of Rhys’s murder and helped lead his team to bring the killers to justice. Graham is particularly adept at portraying certain real-life characters, and this time around, he’s able to bring a good mix of emotional empathy and authority to the role.

1 the Irish

Anthony Provenzano wearing sunglasses and talking to Jimmy Hoffa at The Irishman

Criminal drama the Irish marked the third time the Merseyside actor had worked with Martin Scorsese. This time he was joined by acting heavyweights Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino and he was able to slip seamlessly into an exceptional supporting cast.

The role Graham got was that of Anthony Provenzano, head of the New Jersey faction of the Genovese crime family. He seemed very comfortable on screen playing alongside these movie greats and even improvised a prison scene with Pacino which surprised his veteran co-star.

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