Similar to how sports teams have their own mascot, in Japan, many brands or companies like to use mascots to represent their businesses or events. They even use pets in the anime, and these help define a show in a certain way, whether it’s being the cute sidekick, the comic relief character, or the wise and wise supporter.

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However, when using a pet, it is generally of the sweet, kind, affectionate and cuddly type. But this is not always the case. There are some pets that look mean and are wicked, and then there are others that look cute and adorable but are rotten to the core.

10 Kyubey is part of a vicious circle involving magical girls and witches (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Kyubey offers Madoka a contract

Kyubey is one of the best known pets in anime. Kyubey is a Messenger of Magic in the series. Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Her role was to appear before the girls and grant their wishes and in return, they had to sign a contract and become a Magical Girl.

Magic Girls help stop witches, people who feed off the hopes and dreams of ordinary people. What Kyubey did not mention was that these Witches were once Magical Girls whose souls were corrupted, and the creation of these Witches was, in fact, their true goal from the very beginning.

9 The dung beetle is a cruel and degrading pet that loves to be sarcastic and superior (Bokurano)

bokurano dung beetle

Dung Beetle, or Koemushi, is a strange but cute pet from the show. Bokurano“Which is a science fiction and psychological seinen anime about students at summer camp.” These students meet a man who is developing a game using mecha robots and sign a contract to play it with unsuspecting consequences.

Dung Beetle often treats these kids terribly with sarcastic and superior comments. He is cruel, degrading and mocking, and enjoys being openly wild with children and manipulating them to get what he wants.

8 Fav is a sadistic and manipulative cyber fairy (Magical Girl Raising Project)

Favorite Magical Girl Raising Project

Fav is a lovable antagonist of the series. Magical Girl Raising Project. Fav is a cyber fairy who was created in the land of magic to be a moderator for magical girl trials. But that is not all that is happening in these tests.

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He and Cranberry are using these girls to satiate their sadistic side by using them in a death game. Behind that adorable face is an AI that takes pleasure in torturing and tormenting people. He does nothing but lie and enjoys manipulating others.

7 The Puchuu are a race of teddy bears who plan to conquer the world (Excel Saga)

the puchuu excel saga

Excel Saga follows the story of a secret organization that believes the world is corrupt, so they plan to conquer it one city at a time. In this anime, there is an alien race known as Puchuu – lovable, pet-like aliens that resemble teddy bears.

They seem to be sweet and cuddly, but in reality they are hell-bent on taking over the world and they are evil little beings. However, their appearance changes drastically when they are seriously injured, as they turn humanoid and bloody.

6 Kokoro-Chan is a Yakuza-like mascot who hides data about Magic Girls (Magical Girl Ore)

kokoro-chan magic girl ore

Magical Girl Mineral is an anime that revolves around Saki Uno, who works as Magical Twin. She wants to do anything for the boy she likes, and those feelings caused a miracle that turned her into a magical girl with unexpected results.

Kokoro-chan is a pet-like character with a rough-looking Yakuza head in an adorable fairy body. Not sadistic, but not a good person, she often leaves out important details and hides facts about being a magical girl.

5 Monokuma is a sadistic and sinister principal of an elite high school (Danganronpa: The Animation)

Monokuma showing its claws

Danganronpa: the animation is an anime that follows the story of an elite high school that is full of bright and talented students. These students, however, do not realize that being in this academy is not all that it seems.

Monokuma is the headmaster of this elite school and he looks like an adorable teddy bear. But beneath this cute appearance is a sinister and evil being who loves to play games and manipulate people, and thrives on despair, violence, and chaos.

4 Muru Muru went from being a comic relief character to downright cruel and sadistic (Future Diary)

Muru Muru is an antagonist in Future Diary who is a servant of Deus Ex Machina. He’s even a judge in Survival Games. She is presented as a comic relief at first, but as the series progresses, it is revealed just how sadistic and cruel she can be.

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Muru Muru is not a fluffy pet like a pet, but she certainly goes from cute to evil. She does her best to manipulate Survival Games behind Deus’s back so she can have more fun.

3 Neko Sensei is a ballet teacher who abuses his power of authority (Princess Tutu)

neko sensei princess tutu

Neko Sensei, or Mr. Cat, is a ballet teacher at the Gold Crown Academy in Princess tutu. Despite his cute cat-like appearance, he is not an acceptable authority figure in this art school or a decent person. He has a very creepy and strange obsession with being married.

Not only does he flirt with the older characters, but he also threatens his students with marriage as punishment. This is an incredibly manipulative and immoral tactic and a total abuse of your power as an authority figure.

two Migi is using Izumi’s body to survive and enjoys killing (Parasyte)

Migi is a cute (monster-like) parasite who tried to take over Shinichi Izumi’s body in the anime. Parasyte. Even though he didn’t take over his entire body, Migi did take over Izumi’s hand. His main purpose is to keep Izumi alive, as he was unable to fully seize her body.

This means that Migi has no problem killing his own kind. This is not done out of love or care, but out of self-preservation. He is threatening and manipulative and has no problem endangering his host.

1 Quitela has the appearance of a mouse and is one of the gods of destruction (Dragon Ball Super)

Quitela is a lovable mouse and the God of Destruction in Universe 4. Despite his lovable, mouse-like appearance, Quitela is actually the most sadistic and evil of all the Gods of Destruction. Not only that, but he’s lazy and self-centered, and only cares about his own needs and wants.

This God of Destruction likes to play video games and manipulate people to get away with it. He will even cheat and do very questionable things to get to the top in any competition and have fun with death and destruction.

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