10 most identifiable Pretty Little Liars characters

In a show like pretty Little Liars, the overall mystery is hard to pin down, as many people haven’t found themselves investigating the disappearance of friends and then being harassed by an all-knowing figure. But, there are some identifiable parts of the teen drama, especially when it comes to the teen stories being told.

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There are many pretty Little Liars characters that fans can’t relate to at all, as Ali is a bad girl, Mona is a mastermind, and fans don’t agree that Aria is dating a much older Ezra. But there are many Rosewood residents that fans love and understand.

10 Caleb Rivers

pll caleb

Hanna’s partner, Caleb Rivers, is one of the most relatable characters in Pretty Little Liars, as he did not grow up in wealthy Rosewood and does not share the same superficial values ​​as everyone else.

Fans take an interest in Caleb as soon as they introduce him, as not only does he see something special in Hanna, but he feels lost and wishes to meet his biological family. Anyone who feels like he doesn’t fit in and has some family secrets or the opposite of a perfect life can relate to Caleb.

9 Lucas gottesman

lucas pll

Lucas Gottesman is a supporting character in pretty Little Liars He makes a good impression, and his motivations always make perfect sense, as he is smart, mature, and has never been popular.

Fans can relate to Lucas and his place at Rosewood High School. While Hanna makes Lucas a part of her social circle, no one else wants to talk to him much and he definitely hopes he finishes high school. Lucas loves Hanna too, but knows that they will never be more than friends, and many people have been in that situation as well.

8 Mike montgomery

While Aria Montgomery is not very easy to identify as she is dating Ezra even though he is her English teacher and others are not sure if it is the right thing for her, it is a different story with her younger brother Mike.

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Mike is seen struggling as his parents separate, and he hates that his family is no longer together. Viewers who have seen their parents divorce or grow up with their parents in different places can understand how painful and difficult this is. Mike also misbehaves and sometimes has trouble talking about serious topics or emotions, and many teens go through that.

7 Toby Cavanaugh

pll toby glasses

Of all the characters on the show, Toby always wants to protect, help, and do the right thing. This makes him one of the easiest to relate to.

Toby is very kind and endearing, and that’s why PLL fans love it. Even when you make mistakes, you are trying to make sure other people are happy and cared for. You don’t always think about your own happiness and you never put yourself first. Anyone with those traits can see himself in character.

6 Jordan hobart

Jordan appears in season 6 and is one of the best characters after season 1. He is also one of the most relatable people.

Jordan loves Hanna and wants to marry her, but realizes that her heart is still tied to Caleb and that it is not a bond that can be broken. Anyone who has found themselves dating someone who is in love with someone else can relate to them, along with anyone who has had a broken engagement or a painful breakup. Jordan seems like a nice enough person, he’s just caught in the middle of another love story.

5 Melissa hastings

Spencer’s older sister, Melissa Hastings, is another character that fans can see themselves in. While his biggest secret isn’t super relatable, burying Bethany Young alive while he thinks he’s helping Spencer, everyone can relate to making a mistake and being afraid to be honest. to a loved one about it.

Melissa is always focused on school and work, and wants to do well while keeping the peace in her family. She seems like a character who is mostly misunderstood, as viewers are suspicious of her until they discover that she has a good reason for being so mysterious.

4 Ashley marin

Hanna and Ashley are next to each other and smile.

Hanna’s mother, Ashley Marin, is the closest mother, as the others have more money and a more comfortable lifestyle.

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When Ashley struggles to make ends meet, she seems vulnerable and upset, and fans know that she loves Hanna and is doing her best to create a fun and happy home for her. While most viewers cannot relate to Ashley stealing money from the bank where she works, Ashley’s intention to care for her son is understandable.

3 Spencer hastings

pretty liars spencer toby season one

Of all the Liars, Spencer Hastings is the most intense and also has many sad and dark plots.

Fans who share her determined personality and strong work ethic can be seen in her as she truly cares about standing out. While her friends are most comfortable when life is tough and things aren’t entirely flawless, Spencer struggles with that. Her romance with Toby Cavanaugh is also relatable, as it takes them a long time to maintain a healthy and happy relationship, and they both need to grow up a lot first.

two Hanna marin

cute little liars hanna marin

Hanna has a special spark that makes her one of the most loved and identifiable people. pretty Little Liars characters.

She has a lot of lighthearted qualities as she’s funny and loves to shop and hang out with her friends, but she can also be dark as she makes bitter jokes all the time and struggles with the fact that her parents got divorced. Hanna is the type of person who feels a lot of pain but masks it with humor and a big smile, and anyone who tries to put on a brave face understands her.

1 Emily Fields

It is possible to see Emily as PLL main character, and that’s also because of how totally identifiable she is. Even more than her friends, Emily’s character arc is all about coming of age and growing up. He has many serious relationships on the show, as he falls in love with Maya, Paige, and Ali, and struggles with the tragic death of his father and finds out what his future should look like.

She is also a good swimmer who has to think about whether she wants to continue down this path. Viewers like that Emily’s stories span dating, friendship, family, work, and hobbies.

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