10 older actors who have done their own stunts

In the world of cinema, stunts are arguably the place where the most movie magic takes place. The camera work and the coordination of the actors have to be ready to sell a stunt. While the increasing versatility of special effects has made the process easier in some cases, it is still a challenging and often dangerous part of the film-making process.

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Star-like stunt stuntmen who are more used to danger help mitigate these problems, but some actors still choose to do their own stunts. Some of these actors continue to do so even as they age.

10 Christian Bale is dedicated to his craft (Age: 47)

At the age of 47, Christian Bale is barely old enough for his own stunts to be particularly shocking. What’s interesting is how, as he gets older, Bale shows no signs of slowing down his dedication to the roles he plays.

It is well known that he did most of the fight scenes himself while playing Batman in the dark Knight trilogy. As recently as 2019 Ford against Ferrari, dropped 70 pounds to get into character, this happened after his shocking transformation into Dick Cheney in Vice – and trained with Dan Nagle, a stunt coordinator and former runner.

9 Jason Statham is not afraid of fights (Age: 53)

At 53, Jason Statham isn’t particularly old, either, and he’s in great shape for the action roles he takes on. He seems to have an affinity for hand-to-hand fighting scenes, as almost every movie he’s done features him in some form of direct fighting. Even his most outlandish movies like his role in the Fast and Furious the franchise gives you the space to enter a bare-knuckle match.

Statham seems to like doing these stunts and shows no signs of slowing down. He did a lot of the fight scenes from 2019. Hobbs and Shaw and most recently 2021 Anger of man.

8 Daniel Craig faces danger with poise (Age: 53)

Like Jason Statham, Daniel Craig is only 53 years old and in great shape to do his own stunts for his movies. He is famous for doing his own James Bond stunts, and he earns a series of injuries while playing as the super spy. These include losing some teeth while filming. Royal Casino, spreading his shoulder while filming Quantum of Solace and breaking his leg while filming Spectrum.

Fortunately, these injuries don’t appear to have caused any major long-term problems for the actor, but for a while, Craig wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue playing Bond. He was finally convinced to come back for the next No time to die but it is confirmed to be his last run as 007.

7 Keanu Reeves undergoes rigorous training (Age: 56)

Keanu Reeves has also shown no signs of slowing down his stunt work. In preparation for the John wick On the series, Reeves underwent something called “John Wick Boot Camp,” a harsh regimen that included judo and jiu-jitsu training, multiple firearm training, and driving.

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This training will continue as long as John wick films continue to be made, however it is the next Matrix 4 That shows that Reeves is still more than willing to pull off his own stunts. In February of last year, a Matrix 4 A passerby recorded the stunt in which Keanu Reeves jumped from a skyscraper in San Francisco.

6 Donnie Yen is well equipped for danger (Age: 57)

A practitioner of many different martial arts, Donnie Yen has been doing his own stunts in movies for decades. Yen can be seen showing off her fighting skills in various high-profile movies, since 2016. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, From 2017 xXx: Return of Xander Cage and, perhaps most famously, his role as the titular Ip Man in the four-part film series loosely based on the life of the great Wing Chun master. The most recent example of Donnie Yen in action is in the 2020 live-action remake of Mulan with Liu Yifei, who also did his own stunts.

5 Tom Cruise does whatever it takes (Age: 59)

Tom Cruise continues to do his own stunts in most of his films, especially in his Mission Impossible Serie. Like Ethan Hunt, Cruise has continued to perform a series of death-defying stunts to this day.

Highlights include clinging to the side of a plane in flight at Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, halo jumping Mission Impossible: Fall, and climb the Burj Khalifa in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. It is easy to imagine that he will perform more stunts in the next Mission impossible 7, although it is more difficult to imagine what will occur to him.

4 Jackie Chan Doesn’t Run From Danger (Age: 67)

Possibly the most famous example of an actor doing his own stunts, Jackie Chan has been risking his life in his films for decades. He has a number of insane stunts including but not limited to sliding down the side of a building without safety gear in Who I am, falling from a clock tower in Project A, crawling through burning coals in Drunk Master II, and the famous pole vault in Police history.

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Death-defying stunts have defined Jackie Chan’s career, and at 67, he shows no sign of slowing down. Most recently, Jackie can be seen in 2020 Vanguard Ride a jet ski on the river rapids that lead to a waterfall.

3 Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t need doubles (Age: 73)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the faces of the archetypal ’80s action hero, has been doing his own stunts in movies for almost the entirety of his career. Arnie, a former bodybuilder, was strong enough to pull off his own stunts, and staying in great shape meant he could keep doing stunts for years to come.

At 73, Arnie’s stunt work appears to have slowed down, but he had been doing his own stunts for decades, either because he wanted to or because they couldn’t find a stunt double that matched his physique. This was the case recently, when Arnie had to do his own stunts in 2014. Sabotage at the age of 66.

two Sylvester Stallone keeps kicking (Age: 75)

Another important action movie figure, Sylvester Stallone’s toughness during filming is well documented. During the filming of Rocky IV, Stallone told Dolph Lundgren, playing Drago, to actually hit him during their match, an instruction that put Stallone in the hospital for over a week.

Stallone also suffered a series of injuries while performing stunts in the first Expendable Supply Items. At the age of 75, Stallone is still making action movies, with the highly anticipated superhero movie. Samaritan yet to come out. While I was on set for Samaritan, Stallone recorded himself in an Instagram story after the stunt, covered in dust and commenting that “Old habits are hard to die.”

1 Harrison Ford refuses to slow down (Age: 78)

Harrison Ford isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for his movie roles. While playing as the adventurer Indiana Jones in In search of the lost ark, Ford wanted to race off the rock himself for the iconic scene.

Nor has it slowed down in recent years. Ford did stunts in 2008 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and was also actively performing stunts during filming in 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens to the point where he broke his leg on set. Ford also reportedly injured his shoulder while filming Indiana Jones 5, although it doesn’t seem to be serious.

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