10 worst MAPPA anime (according to MyAnimeList)

Studio MAPPA has recently become known as one of the best studios currently working on anime, having produced critical characters such as Yuri !! On ice, Banana fish, Y Children on the slope, as well as mega-hits like Jujutsu Kaisen. This reputation will only get better, thanks to his upcoming adaptation of the incredibly successful and critically acclaimed series. Chainsaw man.

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However, despite its superb animation and keen eye for projects, not everything that results can be that surprising. From tokusatsu heroes to idols running for government, here are 10 series MAPPA mega fans would probably rather forget.

10 Garo: Vanishing Line is an unexpected adaptation of Tokusatsu (7.15)

garo vanishing line

Tokusatsu is a well-loved genre of Japanese action shows, but it’s also an acquired taste. This meant that MAPPA’s animated adaptation of the tokusatsu series Garo he was fighting an uphill battle to be loved by fans.

MAPPA adapted the basic story of Garo – A knight in golden armor defends the world from horrors, in three separate anime series, each set in a different time period. Garo: Vanishing Line takes place today, but while its stylish cityscapes intrigued viewers, it wasn’t enough to convince fans who already had doubts about such an adaptation.

9 High School God Plot Can’t Match His Animation (7.05)

The God of High School had a lot of hype behind it. Not only was it based on an insanely popular online manhwa and was one of Crunchyroll’s first self-produced anime, but it promised to be an entire series version of every shonen fan favorite: a tournament arc.

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After the first episode aired, things were looking good. Critics praised the magnificent art and animation, and the series has some of the most engaging fight scenes in anime. However, it quickly became clear that The God of High School It was all style and no substance, with the lack of compelling character arcs that left fans disappointed.

8 Slam line doesn’t always land (6.97)

End line is the story of Yuuta, who finds his spirit separated from his body and wandering through a house full of strange characters. Also, he becomes involved with the mysterious masked magical girl Strange Juice, who fights with a giant straw, and is told by a talking feline spirit that if he ever sees a girl’s panties, the world will be destroyed.

If that sounds like a lot, well … it is. End line is clearly inspired by wacky series like the classic FLCL. But, without the magic that FLCL managed to capture, End line it’s just a lot of color and noise.

7 Uchitama is cute, and not much else (6.93)


The long-running Japanese franchise Tama and friends offers an adorable glimpse into the lives of the many Third Street pets and has been delighting audiences since the 1980s. However, it remained relatively unknown outside of Japan, until MAPPA unexpectedly produced an anime adaptation. Uchitama: Have you seen my Tama? he also makes the decision to portray all of the pets as anthropomorphic humans, presumably to attract more viewers.

Unfortunately, a franchise designed to sell cute products just didn’t offer enough substance for a long-running anime. Tama and friends still strong in Japan, but Uchitama failed to be a great success.

6 Teekyuu is short, strange and not to everyone’s liking (6.59)


The subgenre ‘pretty girls doing pretty things’ was at the peak of its popularity in 2012 when MAPPA launched Teekyuu – a show whose 2 minute episodes are dedicated to being as dumb as possible. Suffice it to say, not much tennis is played at this tennis club.

Its short runtime, garish art, and face banter put many viewers off immediately, and while it tickled the funny bones of some fans, there simply wasn’t the smarts and creativity that similar shows did, like Nichijou Y Pop Team Epic, such steadfast fan favorites.

5 Most spectators abandoned to the abandoned sacred beasts (6.40)

to the abandoned sacred beasts

Jujutsu Kaisen showed that dark fantasy is definitely one of MAPPA’s strengths, and that it looks like it will be demonstrated again with Chainsaw manlaunch. However, not all his work in this style has been successful, as the reception of To the sacred beasts forsaken proof.

The series tells a tragic story of war and a soldier who must now kill his allies who have (literally) lost their humanity, and is relentlessly grim with few moments of levity to cling to. Furthermore, the repetitive and episodic nature of the show makes its depressing tone even more unforgiving.

4 Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is MAPPA’s attempt at an adaptation of the game Otome (6.15)

There are many adaptations of otome games, but few go so far as to not even give the self-inserting main character a name. That decision highlights the problem with Mr Love: the queen’s choice, which is that you don’t make enough cool creative decisions to stand out from the crowd of bishounen shows.

The corporate environment in a production company, while quite unique, is also not nearly as exciting as the fantasy or historical settings seen in other anime of the genre, making it difficult to launch. Sir love even for your target audience.

3 Garo: Crimson Moon made viewers see red (5.89)

garo crimson moon

Adapting a live-action tokusatsu franchise was a risky move for MAPPA, but things looked good when Garo: the animation was well received by anime fans. Unfortunately, that success wouldn’t last, and its second version of the story did away with any hype the franchise had as an anime.

Garo: Crimson Moon it’s set in Heian Japan, which would have been interesting, if it was historically accurate. Also, the unsavory characters and an overly episodic plot meant it was difficult to get involved in the story.

two Idol Incidents was a strange mix of idols and politics (5.67)

idol incidents

Idol shows are everywhere these days, and it can be hard to come up with new ideas to keep the genre fresh and interesting. Perhaps no series underscores this more clearly than Idol incidents, a poorly conceived show from 2017 that raises a vital question: what if idols were political too?

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Idol Incidents it was a failure, but perhaps it was an important learning experience for MAPPA; his next show about an idol group with a twist, Zombie Land Saga, it would prove to be a massive hit that struck the tone and balance between parody and storytelling perfectly.

1 Listeners didn’t keep viewers tuned in (5.36)

Listeners is an anime mecha set in a world where music has been almost completely forgotten, except as a weapon to fight the dreaded Earless. It’s a celebration of classic rock and roll and is packed with references to artists from Eric Clapton to Nirvana. Things were also promising on the production side, as the show was a joint project of the minds of Eureka Seven Y Mekukacity actors.

However, while audiences were initially excited for a series that paid homage to classic rock, it quickly became clear that Listeners he just didn’t have any of his own original ideas to go with his references. Suffice it to say, he didn’t hit the right mark.

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