5 DC villains who could survive a Darth Vader assault (& 5 who couldn’t)

Darth Vader is one of the greatest villains in all of fiction. His tragic story is the heart of Star Wars and he is one of the most feared beings in the galaxy, his Force powers and amazing martial skills make him a fearsome combatant. Vader is always in the middle of things, carrying out the Emperor’s orders and destroying the enemies of the Empire.

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There are few beings who have earned their respect and for those who have earned it, it is not always a good thing. Vader is a powerful foe, one that could defeat some of the greatest villains, even those from other universes like DC.

10 Could survive an assault from Darth Vader – Sinestro’s power ring would allow him to dismantle Vader

Sinestro is an interesting case for a villain. His goals are laudable, as he only wants order to reign over what he perceives as a chaotic universe. It is his methods that make him evil, as he has committed many atrocities in his quest to impose his own brand of order on things, fighting Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

Sinestro’s ring gives him many advantages over Vader, but it is doubtful that he needs too many. Sinestro is not known for wasting time and would simply disarm the Sith Lord quickly and efficiently.

9 Couldn’t Survive Darth Vader Assault: Vader Wouldn’t Play Monkey With Gorilla Grodd

Gorilla Grodd Vs Flash

Gorilla Grodd is one of the most vicious villains in the DC Universe. As the sometimes ruler of Gorilla City and someone who fights the Flash on a regular basis, he has to be and with his super strength and powerful mental abilities, he is a match for just about anyone he comes across.

Grodd is certainly stronger than Vader, but his mental powers wouldn’t work against the Sith Lord. However, the Force would work, as Vader could hit him with Force thrusts or simply drown him. If it were to reach hand, Vader’s lightsaber would slice through the wild ape with ease.

8 Could survive a Darth Vader assault – Brainiac wouldn’t even need to involve Vader himself

Brainiac is one of the most fearsome villains in the cosmos, traveling through the stars and destroying entire societies. His ship is armed with weapons that can destroy stars and has drones powerful enough to fight Superman. Brainiac’s level 12 intelligence allows him to surpass everyone, but he can also fight almost anyone.

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Brainiac has practically all the advantages over Vader; In a ship-to-ship battle, Brainiac wins. If Vader somehow got on board, Brainiac’s drones would eventually shoot him down. Even if Vader reaches Brainiac, the Coluan can shoot Superman; Vader cannot generate that kind of power.

7 He couldn’t survive an assault from Darth Vader – Bane’s abilities wouldn’t help him against a Sith Lord

Bane is one of Batman’s greatest enemies and his variety of abilities have allowed him to defeat Batman on more than one occasion. That’s pretty important and makes Bane more than a match for many villains; There are heroes with superpowers who cannot stand up to Bane due to his unique combination of brains and strength.

However, none of that will help him against Vader. Bane could come up with a plan that could slow Vader down, but he couldn’t defeat him. If Vader was able to hit Bane when he wasn’t ready for it, then the villain wouldn’t stand a chance.

6 Could survive an assault from Darth Vader – Dr. Polaris’s magnetism would kill Vader quickly

Doctor Polaris is a B-list Green Lantern villain, but his powers could easily turn him into an A-list if he put his mind to it. Doctor Polaris’ magnetic abilities have allowed him to defend himself against the Green Lantern, which is quite impressive. Polaris’ magnetism would easily allow her to fight Vader.

Vader’s armor and limbs would be highly susceptible to Polaris’ magnetic abilities. While the medic would be vulnerable to Force strangles and such, it would basically be a race to see who could incapacitate the other first and Polaris’s powers would give him the advantage he needs.

5 Couldn’t survive a Darth Vader assault: Two-Face just couldn’t hold out with the Sith Lord

Two-Face is one of Gotham’s toughest criminals, which says something. He’s smart, tenacious and skilled and this has allowed him to give Batman a run for his money on more than one occasion. Two-Face’s obsession with duality has given many enemies a chance at life that they would not otherwise have; Two-Face can be quite deadly.

Unfortunately for the former district attorney, he just doesn’t have what it takes to hurt a Sith Lord like Vader. His armor is almost certainly bulletproof and he could easily use the Force to dismantle Two-Face’s weapon. Unarmed, Two-Face is a good fighter, but against someone with a lightsaber, the Force, and cybernetic power, he stands no chance.

4 Could survive a Darth Vader assault – reverse flash is too fast for Vader

Negative speed force of reverse flash

The Reverse Flash’s Negative Speed ​​Force powers have made him one of the most dangerous villains out there. The only heroes who can really keep up with him are Flashes and even they have trouble fighting the super speedy psycho. It can move at the speed of light, travel through time, and hit someone a million times in a second; that’s quite difficult to handle.

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Reverse Flash’s impossible speed would give him an advantage over Vader. He is too fast for the Sith Lord to handle and that would easily spell his downfall; Reverse Flash wouldn’t stay in one place long enough for Vader to point it at it and it can move faster than Vader can think of. It would be a quick fight with only one outcome: the loss of Vader.

3 Couldn’t survive a Darth Vader assault – Vader would turn the Joker into a hit

The Funny Joker

Joker has a reputation for being one of the most incredibly dangerous villains on the planet. There is something about his unique combination of psychopathy, ruthless cunning, and deadly abilities that make him dangerous to so many heroes, even those who should be able to defeat him easily. Many have underestimated the Joker and paid dearly for it.

There is a possibility that the Joker could somehow phase Vader with an attack; It is nothing if not unpredictable. However, this would cause a problem because it would anger Vader and an angry Vader is the last scariest sight anyone has ever seen. Joker wouldn’t last long against an angry Vader.

two Could survive a Darth Vader assault – General Zod’s powers are far greater than Vader’s

General Zod, Ursa and her son, Lor-Zod

General Zod is the greatest soldier Krypton ever created and only became more dangerous under the yellow sun of Earth. Zod’s powers rival those of Superman and he adds the tactical knowledge of a soldier used to commanding men and training in Kryptonian martial arts. Zod’s powers and abilities place him in the upper echelons of DC’s villains.

Vader is powerful, but he couldn’t take on someone with Zod’s variety of powers and abilities. That doesn’t even take into account Zod’s enormous power level. Vader would quickly fall to the Kryptonian.

1 He couldn’t survive a Darth Vader assault – Lex Luthor’s brain wouldn’t save him

Lex Luthor is one of the most dangerous people on Earth. It combines extreme intelligence with unmatched ruthlessness and the kind of resources that only someone with billions of dollars and access to alien technology can have. All of this combined has made him one of the most prolific villains out there.

Lex Luthor’s brains have allowed him to take on all kinds of enemies, and perhaps if he had a second chance to fight Vader, he could find a way to defeat him. However, even wearing his anti-Superman armor, Luthor would have no chance against Vader – a Force choke would be all that is needed.

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