90 Day Boyfriend: Brandon’s Parents Tagged As Master Franchise Handlers

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise has several villains. However, it is Brandon Gibbs’ parents Betty and Ron who are currently pissing off viewers.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina may have finally moved from their parents’ farm in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? But that hasn’t stopped her parents from criticizing the couple. Betty and Ron have been notoriously unsympathetic to their son gaining independence despite the fact that he is 27 and married. Parents have also been against Julia and have considered the Russian dancer to be manipulative, although fans of the franchise have changed the script and criticized Betty and Ron for being the master manipulators.

Julia has been fighting her in-laws since she first found out that she would live under their roof and obey their often strict rules. The tensions have only been increased by the way Brandon’s parents refuse to set boundaries or respect the couple’s privacy and independence. After prolonged tension and criticism that Julia couldn’t understand her income limitations, Brandon and Julia finally signed a lease to have their own place. However, Betty and Ron were disheartened to see their adult son move out, which also meant they would lose Brandon’s free farm job. This has led the older couple to accuse Julia of manipulating their son and turning him against him. However, many fans of the franchise find this accusation ridiculous given the manipulative way that Betty and Ron have tried to control Brandon.

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One viewer shared a photo of Betty and Ron on Reddit with the caption “‘His wife is manipulating him! Shout the master manipulators. “Many audiences were surprised when Brandon’s parents said he would never make it on his own and found it strange that they did not want their adult son to be independent.”It infuriates me when Brandon’s parents say that Julia is manipulating him into moving off the farm. They are a special kind of crazy”Stated one commenter. Many other viewers agreed that Betty and Ron were unhealthy and their behavior was alarming to watch. “Ron lies with his screams; Betty lies with her tears. They are both manipulating through these tactics,”Pointed out another fan.

Many viewers believe that Betty and Ron are using the younger couple for free farm work. “When Betty and Ron say that Brandon isn’t ready to live without paying rent on his own, they really mean they weren’t ready to lose the free job.”Observed one commenter. Many viewers agreed with this view and considered that Betty and Ron’s narrative that Brandon could not support himself and Julia was a manipulative tactic used to prevent him from leaving them. The pair then try to avoid blame by citing Julia as the source of the conflict and drama. Fans defended Julia for the behavior Ron and Betty called her out for. “No, Ron and Betty, it’s called marriage. They make decisions together and sometimes compromise. There is little or no room for parental involvement”Stated one commenter.

Although viewers have debated whether it is new 90 day fiancé The content may be written, many believe that Betty and Ron are still some of the worst in-laws to have appeared in the extended franchise. Viewers feel the older couple needs to encourage Brandon to grow up, as fans have criticized him for being a clueless man-boy multiple times. Julia and Brandon have expressed in the past that they wish to start a family one day. Therefore, 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Viewers find it more necessary for Brandon to separate from his overbearing parents and establish himself on his own.

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