Libby Potthast is known for her chaotic family. Many fans of the 90-day fiancé now come for his sister Becky, who always expresses her bitter attitude.

The Potthast family drama has continued 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?, which has generated more criticism for Libby Castravet’s sister, Becky. Becky joins Potthast’s brothers Jenn and Charlie in becoming suspicious of Libby’s husband, Andrei, and his intentions with his father, Chuck, and his house change business. While Andrei, Chuck, and the four Potthast brothers have been criticized by viewers for their bad behavior repeatedly, many believe that Becky has been the worst-behaved family member in recent episodes.

Chuck’s RV ride to a family reunion was bitter from the start and tensions between family members did not improve. Libby and Andrei got into a fight when Andrei was unable to drive the large caravan to the Airbnb that Libby had booked despite being assured that the caravan could be parked. Meanwhile, the introduction of Chuck’s sister, Sue, and father, Charles, only led to more misbehavior from the Potthast family. Fans immediately disliked Sue’s bad attitude, as well as her claims that Chuck started his business out of thin air when he was privileged to receive a loan from his father. Meanwhile, the tension between Andrei and the Potthast family siblings has not subsided and trailers have shown that Andrei will unleash even more drama with his in-laws.

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Becky, who has been arguing with Andrei for weeks, tried to defend herself by saying that she is a character from a TV show. However, one viewer called Libby’s sister on Reddit. The fan shared a photo of Becky with the caption: “This bitch is so annoying.Since then, the post has received thousands of upvotes, with many commenters agreeing with its dislike for Becky and the Potthast family in general. “I wonder if this family realizes how much they don’t like them and that most people can see through their bogus ‘family business’ stories as they make their way trying to get a by-product.Asked one of the leading commentators. Others added that Chantel Jimeno and her family could not realize that they had become 90 day fiancé villains of the franchise after appearing in The Chantel family, so it was unlikely that the Potthast family would become self-aware.

Many viewers criticize Becky’s bad attitude and authoritative behavior. “His face makes my poor retail worker heart want to explode,”Observed one user. “How do you vote for a title without voting for an image because, frankly, I don’t dare to?Another commenter joked. Others joked that the original poster should have used Becky’s mugshot as the image in the post. Becky has been infamously arrested, as have her father and siblings, Charlie and Jenn. Libby is the only member of the Potthast family to appear on TLC who does not have a mugshot circulating the web. Other viewers called out Becky for her sassy OnlyFans content. Becky, Jenn, Libby and Charlie’s wife Meg have shared graphic nudity on the paid photo platform and some fans are not happy to have seen such intimate shots of the reality TV family.

Although Charlie outdid Becky in a recent fan poll about the Potthast family’s least liked brother, many viewers are beginning to dislike Becky even more than their brother. While Charlie wisely pulled out of the family RV trip and instead flew into the reunion, Becky has been at the center of the family drama for the past few weeks. The exhibition has caused an increasing number of viewers to tire of her bitter attitude and make fun of her for her behavior. In addition, Becky referring to the fact that the program is written on social networks has not helped the perception of her fans. Many viewers believe that since she appears on a reality show and uses her own name, Becky should be fully responsible for her actions on 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After?

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