90-day boyfriend: Yara’s mistreatment of fans of mother-in-law Gwen Angers

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya was recently criticized for being rude to Gwen. Fans think Yara should stop being sarcastic and sarcastic.

Yara Zaya is being criticized by many 90 day fiancé fans who think he treats his mother-in-law, Gwen badly. Viewers understand that Jovi Dufren’s wife comes from a different culture and always has a sarcastic tone. But, they still think that Yara needs to treat Gwen with more respect. In recent days, the native of Ukraine has received a lot of criticism. A lots of 90 day fiancé viewers know that Yara owns an online clothing store, where she sells fashionable outfits for women.

Now some claim that they buy dresses at cheaper prices on other websites and then sell them on their own at an inflated price. A fan posted a photo of one of Yara’s dresses priced at $ 130 and discovered that it is available on Amazon for $ 33. While some fans think there is nothing wrong with this type of business model, many believe that Yara is a fraud. The TLC star claims that she has a say in the designs and that her dresses are all handmade, which may not be true.

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It seems that Yara, who once became the queen of the 90 day fiancé, is now becoming the villain of the season with her treatment of Gwen. When there was supposed to be a storm in New Orleans, Jovi asked Yara to stay with Gwen and her daughter, Mylah. After the storm passed, Gwen suggested to her daughter-in-law that she stay at her house longer, but Yara dismissed her advice. As Gwen took her to New Orleans, she said that “Jovi lives in her ass, “which sounded pretty rude. Now, a fan On Reddit, she’s remembering how Yara asked Gwen to pack her entire house before moving to the suburbs.

Gwen-Jovi-Yara-90 Day Fiancé

Yara was called selfish for just packing her makeup and asking Jovi’s mom to take care of the rest of the house. She didn’t even seem grateful after Gwen helped her. One fan said: “The way Yara talks to Gwen makes my blood boil.“They called Yara”sarcastic, rude, and often responds with sarcastic one-word responses every time Gwen tries to ask her something or be nice. “ Most fans think Yara has legitimate behavior, and people should stop ignoring her attitude as part of Eastern European culture.

Another viewer agreed and told Yara’s loyal fans: “Act like a 3-year-old wannabe princess.“Gwen has been nice to her new daughter-in-law on the show, but she may also lose her temper if Yara continues to be rude. Gwen and Yara show a loving and happy relationship on social media. Still, many 90 day fiancé Viewers think it would be better if Yara could ease her sarcastic and sarcastic tone on her gorgeous mother-in-law because she’s so lucky to have her.

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