90-day fiancé: fans doubt the humble beginnings of Libby’s father Chuck

Chuck Potthast has been criticized for his shady business practices. Now, fans of the 90-Day Boyfriend franchise are questioning his humble origin story.

It’s no secret that 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? The Libby and Andrei Castravet couple rely on money from Libby’s wealthy father Chuck Potthast, but viewers now doubt the truth behind Chuck’s origin story. The Potthast family patriarchate runs a home remodeling business that 90 day fiancé Fans of the franchise have accused it of being incomplete and unethical. Now, viewers accuse Chuck of lying about his supposedly humble beginnings.

When it comes to the Potthast family, viewers have a hard time trusting Chuck or any of his sons. Although Libby has no arrest record, Chuck and her children Charlie, Becky, and Jenn have mugshots circulating the Internet. His criminal past combined with his bitter attitudes and the way that Libby’s brothers constantly attack Andrei has been a source of criticism from Happy forever viewers. On screen, Chuck appears to be the most supportive member of the family, as he currently sees his children arguing during an ill-fated family reunion trip he organized for the family bonding. However, incomplete details about Chuck’s past and his business have caused many viewers to dislike him as much as their chaotic children.

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One viewer He took to Reddit to call Chuck for claiming to have a humble origin story. “Lol Chuck’s (Libby’s father) origin story of ‘starting from the bottom’ * with a loan from her father * to start a business is classic privilege / disorientation”The user declared. The user clarified that Chuck’s sister Sue was the one who said he started “without anything“But that the whole conversation seemed to ignore”white privilege.“They compared Chuck to Donald Trump and Kylie Jenner, two incredibly rich people who are also known as”self made” Despite “start-up of a company with family capital.The viewer didn’t like the way Chuck was presenting the beginning of his business and found it to be deeply untrue, as well as indicative of his inability to grasp his privilege. This is a claim that has also been made against Chuck’s children.

Chuck Potthast Libby Andrei In 90 Day Fiancé 2

Many commentators were against the Potthast family and disappointed in their long-running drama. “I’m tired of them promising the fight next time on day 90, only to be disappointed. It’s like the third time”Says one of the main comments. Others noted the privilege that has been given to Chuck’s children, who have been labeled proprietary and spoiled. “Meanwhile, Becky, Jen and Charlie had everything delivered by Dad.”Observed another commenter. “I started working from the bottom with just a small million dollar loan!Another commenter joked. Others said that Chuck should be clear with Andrei and his sons about how he wants to run the family business and his positions at the company. Many believe this would ease the drama between Andrei and Libby’s siblings, who suspect that Andrei will join the business.

Sue, who was featured alongside her and Chuck’s father, Charles, is the latest member of the Potthast family that viewers dislike. Libby’s brother Charlie met Sue before Libby and company arrived on Sunday night’s episode, prompting Sue to team up with Libby’s brothers to stand against Andrei. Viewers discovered that Chuck’s sister shared the same bad attitude as the other members of the Potthast family who 90 day fiancé fans have gotten to know. With Libby, Andrei, Chuck, and members of the Potthast family spread out by the viewers, many viewers hope that 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? it will be the end of the Potthasts that appear in the extended franchise.

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