Abandoned PS5 Trailers App Gets Preload and Release Dates

Developer Blue Box Game Studios has confirmed new preload and release dates for the Abandoned Trailers app, which will be online in August.

The Trailers app previously delayed for Playstation 5 horror game Abandoned It now has preload details and release date that developer Blue Box Game Studios revealed. Abandoned mysteriously appeared on the scene in April of this year, with a PlayStation Blog post and a preview full of invested asset content.

It didn’t take long for conspiracy theories and rumors to take over the conversation, the vast majority of them suggesting a connection between Blue Box Game Studios and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. In particular, Internet theories pointed to Abandoned serving as the codename for a Silent Hill draft. While Blue Box has put an end to these beliefs, the wait for more concrete information remains. A PS5 preview app for the game originally had a June 22 release date; then got a boost until June 25. Blue Box later postponed the Abandoned Trailers Released the app through August, citing concerns about stress and technical issues as reasons for the delay.

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Weekend, Blue box game studios He took to Twitter to update his followers on his upcoming plans. Starting July 29, all PS5 users will be able to preload the Abandoned Trailers App on their consoles. A “Introduction“It should be available several days later, on August 10, the post added. The first official trailer still lacks a firm expiration date, although Blue Box claimed it will finally arrive sometime later in the month. See the tweet at question linked below:

At least the secret that surrounds Abandoned It looks like it will come to an end by the end of next month. And any lingering questions about Blue Box Game Studios should finally receive firmer answers as well. But will the actual reveal live up to expectations fueled by the months-long mystery? That should become clearer in the coming weeks.

Interestingly, Sony has been keeping quiet about the ongoing rumors since they first surfaced several months ago. The company’s silence in this regard also extends to Abandoned Unprecedented PS5 trailer app. When all is said and done, then, it should be intriguing to know what role Sony played and why he thought that project was worth the extra effort.

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Abandoned will eventually reach the Playstation 5 on an unspecified expiration date.

Fountain: Blue Box Game Studios / Twitter

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